Friday, May 26, 2017

Sunday Routine

Bump into an Uncle while waiting for the transport to Church, he also goes to the Church.  Ask him how come he's not going last Sunday, he replied he's going to the Zone 3 RC Senior Friendship where there is free breakfast to eat.  Ask me if I want to bring my mum go eat.  No lah, we going Church.

Refreshment for the Sunday after service, bread with curry potato filling.

Carrot Cake

As usual, after Service, my mum wants to go Seah Im Food Centre for lunch.  She saw a stall selling Phad Thai and she wants that. $3.  If with beef, will be $4.50, but my mum not into beef.

I had Soto Ayam @ $3, add a bergadil @ $0.50, total is $3.50.

Then we went Harbourfront walk one round and my mum tea break time.  She wants Pandan Swiss Roll @ $1.50.

Since earlier at Church, already had coffee, so ordered 1 cup to share.

Passed by the Food Court, saw a board promoting carcocal toast @ $1.20, ordered a piece to tried.  Nothing to shout about.

After that, we went back.  Rest for a while when it started to rain at 4 plus, was thinking do not know whether the Sundays at the Park workout will continue.  So I thought I will get change, walk and take a look.  If have, I will go for the workout, if cancelled, I walk home.  Phew, it was on, at the sheltered area.


  1. So so so cheap the pad Thai, $3 only!!! Looks godo too!

  2. It's good that you have a Sunday routine with your mum.

  3. So that uncle is more interested to eat free food that go to church.

    Hey that Phad Thai is very cheap for $3!! We can never find it so cheap here.

  4. Curry bread will be wonderful with a hot cup of coffee!

  5. 咖哩麵包,這個不錯吃!

  6. Still, I want to try the charcoal toast ..haha! ^.^

  7. What's this charcoal toast? Googled but no recipe! Or is it a joke?

    1. It's a bread, but not too sure how they made it...


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