Thursday, May 18, 2017

My mum

I mentioned in an earlier post about the incident at the church and the staffs from PPH CSC came to visit my mum and also to check whether if it's ok to refer my mum to the Social Worker.   They need to get our consent before they can refer her to the Social Worker.

Two Social Worker came to visit my mum on 5th May (First visit) to do a screening test for my mum.  They managed to get a Specialist from a Hospital to come yesterday (17th May) to do further assessment for my mum.  They will refer her to the Specialist at the Hospital and now is waiting for the call.

Nowadays, I feel very tired, my mum now, she can't control her bowel and if she's do her business, I have to do the cleaning up.  When she wants to bath, she will just said, I want to bath, then stand at the bathroom, I have to tell her, use the soap to rub on her hand, her body, her legs and her back, I will rub for her.  After shower, have to tell her, wipe dry with the towel.  As for clothing, buttoning, she has problem, if we to let her button on her own, it will be unbalanced.  If I were to continue, will be long winded story.


  1. Please be patient as you only have one mother in your life. She had brought you up the same way from birth with many baths, cleaning up soiled diapers and fed you all meals including milk. This is the similar sad process that I had gone through with both my parents until their demise. I was mentally and emotionally very drained too but I was happy to show my care and appreciation for all their kindness given to me. They never complained once and always reminded me about the joy & happiness I had brought them till their final days. This is the journey of life which most of us have to walk through. Cheer up Sharon.

  2. May God bless you with strength, strengthen your love day by day. It is not easy taking care of old folks - I've two and that is why I can't travel. I would love to but I have to be around for them.

  3. 加油!caregiver is not easy。

  4. Yeah, I can understand how tiring you are.. we get old one day too.. so it can be scary if there is no close ones besides us.. your mom has you and you have her... I miss my mom very much! Wish she is still here with me..

  5. It is never easy to be a care giver when you are doing it all alone. Hopefully, the social worker will be able to contribute some relief help to lighten your burden.

  6. Sharon, you are doing a wonderful job caring for your mom. Keep it up. I know it's not easy. xo


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