Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Breakfast @ PPH

My mum bump into an Uncle a day before the PPH CSC Breakfast on Friday, he told her maybe Mother's Day, there will be more foods.  My mum ask him if he is going, he reply he will be going.

On Friday, my mum went for the Breakfast Session, at first the machine for the drink is not in order, but there's a pot there for coffee, so it's coffee for the morning.

Beside the usual bee hoon, mee, egg, they have extra liao for the day, chap chai prepared by one of the PPH staff, half chicken wing, otah. Heard that the foods for that day is from a catering company.

Tau Huay is served for the day too

As it's Mother's Day, all Mother's got a gift from PPH CSC.


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