Thursday, March 8, 2018


3rd March (Sat)

Again, my mum throw tantrum in the morning when I ask her to take her medication.

As usual, went Church, then went Bukit Merah Central for early dinner.  The coffeeshop she wanted to go, only the Malay and Indian stall is open.

My mum had soto ayam with bergedil @ $3.70.

I had dry mee Siam with chicken wing and egg @ $4.

4th March (Sun)

It has been a while since I went Bukit Panjang Plaza for Kickboxing workout.

*Facebook picture

Bukit Panjang Plaza Kickboxing workout is on every alternate Sunday from 10am to 11am lead by Instructor Dennis.

After the workout, I need to take my lunch and also to tabao food back for my mum.  While walking round at Hillion Mall which is opposite Bukit Panjang Plaza, saw 干捞面, order a bowl at $4.90 to try out.  Nothing to shout about.

The noodle

Went for a hair cut in the late afternoon, has been 2 months since I last had my haircut.  The hairdresser was mentioning, best to have it cut after 1 to 1 1/2 months, if not the hair will be out of shape.  But for me, I only go when I feel that my hair has grown long and time for a haircut.


  1. I am same like you. Will wait for a few months before go for haircut.

  2. I wouldn't mind trying the soto ayam and bergedil.

  3. Wow... good food and exercise !! Elderly are like that, they hate taking medicines and supplements . Got to persuade them like kids hahaha

  4. i only take hair cut like after 2.5 months...yea, it's out of shape but well, time to change hairstyle lor..

    1. So far, I never cut every month, only when long then I cut...


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