Monday, March 12, 2018

Week 10 (Part 1 of 4)

5th Mar (Mon)

Some problem, called up the relevant Government Agency, somemore, it's Monday, the phone call was a bit difficult to get through.  When I manage to get through, I was told system problem and Islandwide affected and ask me to check back the next day and the lady was telling me, she has received a lot of calls when she step into the office.

Lunch at a neighbourhood coffeeshop, vegetarian bee hoon mee @ $3.00.

I like this kind of noodle, forget to ask the seller where she got the noodle from.

Need to go to the Community Centre to register for an event, as the Day Care Centre that my mum goes to, is next to the Community Centre, I went to the Day Care Centre.  My mum share table with an Uncle.  The Uncle everyday will bring along a book, whenever there's free time, he will find those words.  It so happen he was tired and "sleeping", I ask him if he could lend me the book to find those wording.

Before going for my class, I drop by the Food Court again.  Thus round, manage to eat bo bo cha cha @ $2.10. 

6th Mar (Tue)

Joke of the day

There's an elderly Auntie who stays a storey below me, she also goes to the Day Care Centre, but different Centre.  It so happen when bringing my mum down to wait for the transport, bump into Auntie and her daughter.  Auntie daughter ask me if I am bringing my mum go drink coffee, then she told me the Day Care Centre her mum goes to is closed.  So I told her, my mum is going to the Day Care Centre as the Centre my mum goes to is open.

While waiting for the transport, was stun when Auntie transport turn up, so I walk over to the driver and told the driver, I bump into Auntie and her daughter and was told the Day Care Centre was closed.  The driver then said no leh, not close, got open leh.  The driver then call up Auntie daughter who told him she receive a letter saiding the Day Care Centre was closed.   Then heard from the driver that fetch my mum that Rehabilitation Centre is close, Day Care Centre is open.

Lunch was tahu telor @ $4 at a neighbourhood halal coffeeshop.

My relative gave me a packet of the above during CNY.  My mum don't eat it.  If I were to open the packet, I will end up finishing the whole packet in no time, then I will have to work extremely hard to burn it off.  So what to do with it.  I open up the packet, pack 1/2 packet, bring to PPHCSC Tuesday karaoke session.  Usually every Tuesday, there will be this guy, nickname haha who will be there to sing karaoke.  From what I understand, haha likes titbits, so share the calories with haha.

Tea break at the Day Care Centre for my mum.

Wanted to go for workout, but was tired, end up resting.


  1. I like those tidbits. Can eat non-stop especially when watching TV.

    1. Me too, if I start eating, will finish in no time, hehe...

  2. Eyeing your bubur cha-cha.. long time no eat that.. and I like the name Haha who sings karaoke! hahahaa

    1. Cos he always haha during the karaoke, so his nickname haha...

  3. Looks like you're on a no-vegetable diet. You need to eat more of those, fibre!

  4. You are smart to share the calories..haha! Lol.

    1. In is easy, out is difficult, so got to share calories,lol...

  5. the tauhu telor looks good...I dun think we have this in KL...


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