Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Random post

26th Feb (Mon)

Went Bukit Timah Food Centre look for my friend and to chit chat with friend.

Had prawn bee hoon mee @ $3.50

Usually when I pass by Toast Box, it's packed, it so happen this round, saw some empty seat, went in to have a cup of kopi before going for my class.

Also had a piece of cake

27th Feb (Tue)

Few weeks back, a lady also from the class that I am attending, was sharing a book she borrowed from the library, so thought I will go to the library look for the book and then to the supermarket.

Had wanton noodle @ $3.50, personally, I like the char siew.

Comes with 3 wanton and a small piece of chicken inside the soup.

@ library, too bad, didn't manage to find the book the lady was sharing.

After buying grocery at the supermarket, had a cup of chocolate sundae @ $1.90.

* Facebook picture

I forgot to WhatsApp my kaki if she's going for workout, I end up at IBP@Icon for Kickboxing session with Instructor Michael.

28th Feb (Wed)

The other time, I was at the Food Court before going for my class, I was craving for bo bo cha cha, it was sold out.  I was still craving for it.  There's a coffeeshop near my place, but have to walk a bit of distance to the coffeeshop, that sells dessert.  I was thinking, maybe I go take a look and see if they do sell bo bo cha cha.

I was told, bo bo cha cha, only available on Monday, so looking at the menu, I go for the chendol @ $1.80.  I was disappointed when I was serve the chendol, as it was so different from the menu, which is so tempting .

End up at Sentosa Broadwalk for workout. After about 5 minutes into the workout, we were told to stop.  Most of us was pleasing with the facilitator to let us continue with the workout.  But his reply was he has send out sms as above.  A participant was asking him, where got wet weather, the floor was not wet, the reply was lighting.

* Facebook picture

He then took a picture and post it in Facebook.

* Facebook picture

With the reason being lighting spotted.  Disappointed that the session has been cancelled.


  1. all the sweet desserts in this post...I like the cendol!

  2. After seeing your noodles, I think tomorrow I want to eat noodles :D

  3. Yesterday I had prawn wanton mee. Instead of the yellow mee, I asked for wanton mee.

  4. Sharon, you are a true makan and workout queen. I only know how to makan ...lol

    1. After eating, got to burn it out, hehe...

    2. Agree ..if only we're neighbours. I would love to join you!

    3. And we can become workout kaki, hehe...


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