Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Week 10 (Part 3 of 4)

9th Mar (Fri)

I walk over to PPHCSC while my mum was waiting for the transport, and seeing no Q,  went for the breakfast, business was good, left not much bee hoon at that time.  After my mum board the transport, I walk back to PPHCSC, no more bee hoon.  Some residents were left with nothing to eat that one of the staff has to walk to the Food Centre to buy bee hoon.

An auntie saw me, ask me, your mum go Day Care Centre.  Reply her, yes.  Again, the same old question pop up, no need to pay?  Seem that these people is more interested about money.  As I never ask question, what is the elderly doing in the Day Care Centre.  From what I understand, her grandson school fee, she apply for financial assistance, so her grandson school fee, she needs not pay.  But my mum Day Care Centre fee, not under financial assistance lah, got to pay leh.  Unless I got kind soul people to sponsor lor, then no need to pay lor.  If not, where got no need to pay leh. 

 I have a book in mind to borrow from the library, was at the coffeeshop having my lunch to avoid the lunch crowd.   Roasted meat rice @ $3.50.

Managed to find the book I wants to borrow.

Tea break for my mum at the Day Care Centre, chicken pie.


  1. No vegetables, as usual, eh?

  2. This book is very good and you could learn something inspiring from it. Share with us!

  3. wah, roasted pork rice with thick sauce! I like!!!

  4. Eh, I have that book. Very interesting read.

  5. Next question being asked will be "How much?" Well, I think it is very normal especially those with elderly people at home and no one looking after them while the younger ones go to work. Good job, Sharon!

    1. Hopefully not every time I see her, talk about money...

  6. Very nice roast pork rice! Sometimes people ask just for the sake of asking....


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