Monday, March 19, 2018

Week 11 (Part 1)

12th Mar (Mon)

Usually, nowadays, in the morning, I will have fruits as my breakfast.  Carbo like rice, noodle, etc. for lunch.  Dinner will be without carbo except for weekend.  Not too sure if I am eating the right way.  A friend was telling me, eat less, more meal.  If hungry, eat nuts.

My lunch at a neighbourhood coffeeshop.  Mixed rice @ $3.80.



Baked beans with egg

Went to the Day Care Centre in the afternoon.  Occasionally during the afternoon activity, the staff will ask those who are in the same group with my mum.  Today is what day?  Where is this place? Etc.  Usually my mum answer will be Community Centre (The Day Care Centre is next to the Community Centre).  The staff then told her, this is not Community Centre, Community Centre is next door, this place is Senior's Club (乐龄俱乐部).

Before going for my class, pass by Toast Box and saw that there are empty seats, had a cup of coffee @ $1.90 before going for my class.  How times flies, it's already lesson 7, I have 5 more lessons to go before I complete the Caregivers-to-caregivers Education Program.

13th Mar (Tue)

Call up the Nurse from the Memory Clinic to check if she's available to meet as I have some issues regarding my mum to check with her.

After the meetup with the Nurse, went to 1983 Coffee and Toast as I wanted to try out the curry chicken.

The curry chicken comes with rice or bread.  I choose rice.  The set cost $4.90 which I find is much nicer than the one I had in Bukit Merah View.

My kaki Sharon had WhatsApp me earlier on that she is able to make it for Kickboxing workout at MBC.  Before going for the workout, I was at Alexandra Retail Centre when I pass by a bakery shop and saw a Halloween display, so took picture of it.

Since my kaki Sharon need not go to her mum's place that night and she was craving for Indian foods.  We were at Alexandra Retail Centre, one of the Indian eatery place, she ordered the above set.  I was not hungry, so didn't order any food.

My coffee @ $2.40


  1. I am just opposite. I eat no carbo during the day and eat anything for dinner. My weight dropped slowly.

  2. Aha!!! I see vegetables! Good for you! Potatoes and beans are good too. I like the look of your friend's Indian set.

    1. Too bad I was not hungry, if not, I will order also...

  3. Oh the Indian food looks so impressive! Now I am thinking of what to eat for dinner!

  4. The Indian set meal your friend ordered looks very nice.

  5. very sumptuous indian meal! I like it with a variety of curries.

    1. One of the day, I'm going to eat Indian food, hehe..

  6. The Indian meal looks great and your coffee will be just nice to end the meal! Lol!

  7. Oh my gosh ..Sharon, I am getting hungry here!


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