Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Week 12 (Part 2) - Book review

21st Mar (Wed)

I manage to finish reading the book - When God doesn't Fix it.

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This book is about a couple Martin and Laura.  They met at a fellowship of Christian Athletes.  Barely one year into their marriage, Martin has been experiencing unusual symptoms.  Nope of the doctors they saw could determine what was wrong with Martin.

Laura has a new job at a Church as a worship leader.  Her job included choosing music for the congregation, leading volunteers, and developing worshippers. And also the Church is looking for somebody who can write worship songs.

A friend recommended them to a General Practitioner who got Martin to do a CT scan and MRI.  The scan shows that Martin has brain tumor.  It took one year to determine Martin has brain tumor.

Martin went for a surgery, where he was in the hospital for more than two months.  2 1/2 weeks at the original surgery, another 4 weeks in ICU for the repair of the graft and the resulting meningitis, and then 2 more weeks in a regular room.

The Doctor then released him to an impatient rehabilitation facility where he could get the kind of concentrated therapy and life skills he needs to return home.

Life then has never been the same for Martin and Laura.  Martin has to rely on Laura and Laura becomes the sole breadwinner.  Laura has hope to start a family and have kids.  She was blessed with a daughter Josie and twins Ben and Griffin.

In between, had a bowl of tau suan @ $1.50 at a neighbourhood coffeeshop.

Joke of the day

I was at Corporation Place for Healthy Workplace Ecosystem, Zumba workout for the month of March.  When I reach, I saw a guy sitting there, since I was early, I went to sit nearby him.  Usually, the facilitator wears dark blue t-shirt.  It so happen the facilitator is not there yet and the guy sitting there also wearing a dark blue t-shirt.  The instructor for this month suppose to be a female Instructor and usually the Instructor wears orange t-shirt.  So I never expected the guy sitting there to be the Instructor.  We started a conversation.  Halfway through the conversation, I won't write grandmother story about the conversation, then I realise that he's the Instructor and not the facilitator.  So embarrass of me.


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