Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Week 12 (Part 3)

22th Mar (Thur)

Run out of some items need to buy.  End up at Jurong East Blk 200 plus market.

A bowl of porridge @ $3

Had fish porridge

2nd round - glutinous rice @ $1.50

Usually if I am at Jurong East 200 plus there, I will sure goes to the shop selling kuehs, etc.  If I see the steamed pumpkin cake, I will buy it back.  Steamed pumpkin cake @ $3.

While waiting for the transport bringing my mum back.  Bump into a neighbour who ask me if I don't need to pay for the Day Care Centre fee.  I can't figure out what makes them think that don't need to pay for Day Care Centre fee.  Not that I know of, Day Care Centre in Singapore that don't need to pay.  As usual, need to repeat have to pay, got Government subsidy.

23rd Mar (Fri)

While my mum is waiting for the transport, I walk over to PPHCSC, seeing that the Q is not long, Q.

Kway teow has finish, left bee hoon, with youtiao, egg and chicken.  Has to eat first, then walk back to my block to make sure my mum board the transport.  After my mum board the transport, walk back to PPHCSC.

Saw a guy which I didn't see for quite sometimes, he was there with his mum.  He was asking where's my mum.  Reply him my mum is in, the name of the Day Care Centre, it so happen it has a Community Hospital for impatient rehabilitation.  Guess he mistaken my mum to be in the Community Hospital as his mum came over to ask me what happen to my mum, why my mum in hospital.  Reply her, my mum in Day Care Centre, morning go, afternoon come back home.

Went to the Day Care Centre in the afternoon.  The word search book belongs to Uncle Chin.  Bought by his daughter.  I borrow his book while he and my mum was in the afternoon activity.

Tea break for the elderly - steamed pumpkin cake.


  1. I must look for a recipe for steamed pumpkin cake.

  2. Wahhhh!!! So generous with the yeu tiao! I like that lor mai kai. Pumpkin cake? Here it is like steamed yam cake, just that they use pumpkin instead of yam. They put in that plastic container and steam keh? Eyewwwww!!!! Plastic wor!

    1. Same here, they use pumpkin instead of yam...

      Not too sure how they did it...

  3. I like porridge with lotsa youtiao!

  4. Replies
    1. There are two stall there selling porridge, I like this stall porridge...

  5. I think the steamed pumpkin cake looks nice!

    1. If I am in the vicinity, I will surely go see if they do sell it, sometimes do not have...

  6. That steamed pumpkin cake looks delicious. Think I will attempt to make something similar one day :D


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