Thursday, March 22, 2018

Week 11 (Part 4)

17th Mar (Sat)

My mum throw tantrum by saiding that she doesn't wants to go Church and insisting on staying at home.

I thought of attending English Service on Sunday, but need to bring my mum to Senior Friendship Circle, so drop the idea and attend the Hokkien Service instead.

While on the way to Church, while transferring bus at Bukit Merah Interchange, bump into an auntie who's also attending the Hokkien Service.

She was mentioning about one of her relative who also goes to the Day Care Centre.  Not too sure how many days her relative go, as she mention about the fee being daily basis.  Reply her that not that I know of about daily basis as my mum goes there, Monday to Friday, her fees is monthly basis.  

As I only prepare lunch but not dinner, told my mum I will buy back dinner for her.

Was at Bukit Merah View Kim San Leng coffeeshop having early dinner.  I had porridge.


Fried egg with onion

Steam minced meat with salted fish

Total : $4.60

18th Mar (Sun)

A day before, told my mum I will bring her for the Zone 3 Senior Friendship Circle breakfast session which is on the 3rd Sunday of the Month and also to cut hair.  She did not object.

Saw Auntie Lee coming with a neighbourhood neighbour which I call her cantonese auntie as she's a cantonese.  Auntie Lee mention this is the first time she come for the Senior Friendship Circle breakfast session as she has no idea about this event.  Then she mention she saw my mum and I waiting for the transport to the Day Care Centre at the void deck.  Auntie Lee stays at the opposite block.  She then ask me if my mum goes to the Day Care Centre fron Monday to Friday which i reply yes.  Then full stop.  I was thinking, if she were to ask me need to pay, maybe I should ask her if she knows of any lobang of any Day Care Centre that need not pay money, lol...



After eating, brought my mum over to the cut hair area.   Uncle Choo wife and her maid is there, ask her about her maid, she told me her maid is call 阿连, then ask me, what's my name, so I reply her, my name is 阿花.  Then we become 莲花. While my mum had her hair cut.  I ask the lady who's cutting my mum hair.  Where is their shop.  Her reply is she's a volunteer, helping to cut hair for the elderly.  Total, there are three of them.  Kudo to them for the volunteering work.

The other time, beside borrowing the book Love without Limits, I also borrow this book, When God Doesn't Fix it.  Spend the afternoon reading the book before going for Sundays at the Park 5pm workout.  Guess I have to extend the books for another 3 weeks as I just started to read this book and the other book, Love without Limits, I have yet to staet reading.


  1. Yah!!! Good girl, eating your vegetables now, eh? I love lontong! There's cabbage in it .

  2. I like the lontong in ur picture too!

  3. Give you big virtual hug, Sharon! xoxo
    You're doing great with your mom. That book 'when God doesn't fix it' looks like a nice one to read. :)


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