Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Lor Mee @ Malaysia Boleh ( Jurong Point)

With the opening of the extension of Malaysia Boleh @ Jurong Point, there are some new stalls.

One of the stall I have yet to try is lor mee @ $4, which I find that the gravy is just nice to me, not too thick and also not diluted.  I had beehoon mee.

The ingredients included 三层肉, intestines (which I have not come across in those lor mee I eat before),  half hard boiled egg.  They also have 猪皮, but I do not eat that, so no 猪皮 for me.


  1. I love to eat Lor Mee. This one looks good.

  2. Not a fan of this type of lor mee. I prefer the one from my hometown.

  3. I've yet to find one lor mee here like the ones I used to enjoy in the past - we have lots all around that are nice but no, none is the same. :(

  4. Still not acquire the taste of lor mee. Haha.

  5. i like lor mee too...but hard to get good ones in KL

  6. I like Lor mee too.. Penang is famous for it.

  7. Long time haven't eaten lor mee. I will always request for prawn mee soup mixed with lor mee gravy. The soup will not be so thick.

    1. I have not try prawn mee soup mixed with lor mee gravy...

  8. Waaa.. I haven't had lor mee in ages. Salivating here!


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