Monday, November 6, 2017

Saturday (4th Nov)

Attended the Saturday afternoon 1.30pm Hokkien Service with my mum.  After the service, as usual, went Bukit Merah for early dinner.

My mum wants porridge from the chap chai rice stall.

Not much variety at that timing, so choose whatever that is available.  

Pig liver, guess finishing, so they scoop more


Fish, which I ask and was told, $2.50 a piece, total for my mum's chap chai porridge @ $4.90.

I don't feel like having chap chai rice.  The other 2 stalls that are open, Indian stall and Wu Xiang stall. No craving for Indian food, so opt for Wu Xiang.  My mum wants tau kwa, so order a piece for her. Above set cost $6.40.

Sauce for the Wu Xiang

Went to buy bread and saw Happy Face @ $1.60, can't resist the temptation and bought one back.


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