Monday, November 13, 2017


Has been a while since I did any walking and also has been a bit of stress out lately.  Thought of having some me time by going for a walk.

Lately, it has been raining past midnight. Thinking it won't rain in the day time, thought I will go walk at the nearest park connector near my place which is the Ulu Pandan Park Connector.

When I start the walk, saw that the sky has turn dark, I thought I will walk the shortest route, to Tradehub 21, then have a cup of coffee before back.

Oh no, walk a bit, sudden there is a heavy downpour, at first, I thought of not bringing umbrella, but thank God, I did bring it along.  If not, I will be drench.  And also, it's not Natural Reserves, if not, I will not know what to do.

Exit at the nearest exit and took a bus back to Jurong East Interchange.

Went Westgate, there's a Honolulu Cafe which I have yet to try, thought I will have tea break there before going back.  Ordered a Egg tart which I find alright.  Then a coffee to go along with it, but the coffee, nothing to shout about, for the price and the standard of the coffee, I could get 3 cups of it if I were to have it at coffeeshop.


  1. Welcome back to your connectors! Long time no see the lanes and plants.

  2. It's nice to take a walk like that and then after that go for a coffee and makan.

  3. Over here, raining almost every day. Long time no morning walk.

  4. Yes, here too - raining at midnight till morning. Usually the weather is fine during the day, may rain sometimes but not always.

  5. Take care when you go for a walk during the rainy season.

  6. Sharon, take care when walking...would love to try this walk with you!

  7. 那個咖啡名取得太好聽的關係,所以特別貴?

  8. Hope you're feeling better, Sharon. Wise that you took a break from whatever that's stressing you out. xx


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