Wednesday, November 1, 2017

@ One KM Mall

It has been a while since I pay my friend a visit at her shop.  After the visit, thought of going Haig Road Food Centre to eat before transferring another bus back.  I had in mind to eat satay.  But was disappointed as when reach there, realise that the Food Centre was closed for two months for repair work.  So can only hantam whatever foods available in One KM Mall. Since my mum with me, let her decided what she wants to eat.

Walk a round at the basement of One KM Mall, my mum chose Encik Tan.  She wants fishball kway teow, but no more kway teow, so had fishball mee kia @ $4.

Ordered a fried carrot cake @ $4 as it's one of my mum favourite.

Blueberry drink @ $1.50

Next we went KFC for something light, ordered a 4 pieces nuggets snacker @ $4, it comes with a drink also which I didn't take picture.

While leaving, saw Toast Box, which I have wanted to have coffee at Toast Box, usually it's crowded, no chance , but the one at One KM Mall is not crowded, so told my mum we go there 3rd round.  Ordered a pandan swiss roll @ $1.80, which I find not bad.

And a coffee @ $1.70

Then it's Home Sweet Home.


  1. Blueberry drink? The colour looked artificial.

    Look like you both enjoy eating that day. ^^ I like fried carrot cake the most.

  2. Variety of food for one day! Nice...

  3. My girl loves fried carrot egg, dunno if there is any here...unless we go to the dim sum places.

  4. Haven't had KFC for a long time...

  5. I like your mum's fried carrot cake.

  6. Yummy ohh... I especially love the noodles and carrot cake.

  7. I love the coffee in Toast Box always. Best!


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