Thursday, November 2, 2017

Weekend (28th & 29th Oct)

Since attending the Hokkien Service at the Church in Tanglin Road previous Saturday, my mum and I went again for the Hokkien Service last Saturday afternoon.  After the service, we went back to the same coffeeshop we went previous Saturday in Bukit Merah Central. 

My mum had fishball kway teow @ $3.50

The soup that goes with the fishball kway teow

My dumpling noodle $3 .50 with 4 dumpling

Ordered 2 piece of bread @ $1 20 for my mum

Craving for curry puff, so bought 1 @ $1.50

On Sunday, we attended the 9am Chinese Service at the same Church in Tanglin Road.  After service, we went Bukit Merah Central again for lunch.  This round, we went another coffeeshop.  Guess it's Sunday, some stalls are not open.  An Indian food stall, porridge stall and a chap chai rice stall was open.  

My mum had chap chai rice

Mine chap chai rice.  Both plate cost $6.50.

I had sliced potato 

Braised egg

Shrimp paste chicken

Additional order, char Siew bao @ $0.80, Siew mai @ $0.60 each.


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