Thursday, November 9, 2017

Jalan jalan makan makan (5th Nov)

Starts my Sunday morning with Zumba, then bought breakfast back, take shower. It has been quite sometimes since I went Changi Airport.  Changi Airport Terminal 4 opens recently.  Was asking my mum if she wants to go there jalan jalan.  She's ok, but then she does not like to take MRT.  So we took bus there.  Took a bus from my place to Eunos and change to bus no. 24 that goes to Changi Airport.

We stop at Terminal 3, was greet by this huge bear when we enter the premise.

Then ask my mum if she wanted to go makan, let her choose where she wants to eat.

We were at the Food Court in Terminal 3.  She wanted the Saba fish set @ $7.50.

Chawamushi @ $1 if order any set meal, my mum took a bite before I am ready to take picture of it.

I was tempted by the xiao long bao @ $5

Dessert was Bo-Bo cha cha @ $3 to share, lucky I was not greedy enough to order another dessert, if not, don't think can finish it.

At first I thought there's skytrain to connect to Terminal 4, I was wrong, there's shuttle bus from Terminal 2 that takes the public to Terminal 4.

 Guess Terminal 4 just open recently, so it was mountain people, mountain sea and also it's weekend.

While walking around the Food Court, was attracted by this ong lai flower, hardly I see flower in the form of ong lai.

Lucky my mum and I, we eat at Terminal 3, as the eatery place in Terminal 4, full house.

Decoration at Food Court area

Taken from the carpark

At the departure hall

We took the shuttle bus back to Terminal 2, then take bus no. 24 to Geylang Serai where my mum wanted to go to the usual Indian eatery she been before.

My mum wants mee goreng, but we were there at around 4.30pm, mee goreng is only available at 5pm. So order Indian rojak as requested by her.

Had a piece of plain prata and an egg prata.  We share share the Indian rojak and prata.


Total for the Indian rojak, prata and 2 cups of kopi, $8.10.


  1. Siao long bao and bo bo cha cha my favourites!

  2. The blue teddy bear is cute. Hehe

  3. So many terminals. Your mum likes Indian food too? I love it!

  4. How wonderful to take your mother jalan-jalan and makan-makan.

  5. The ong lai flower cute la. Creative

  6. Your BM is good and can say Jalan Jalan Makan Makan!
    I like that Ong Lai flower which is so unusual.

  7. long time no 'jalan jalan' in Changi Airport already....I was there for transit flight some 2 weeks ago...No chance to 'jalan', just transit only.

  8. So nice of you to take your mum jalan-jalan. Yummy food, Sharon ^.^


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