Thursday, November 16, 2017

Osaka Ohsho @ Bugis Junction (11th Nov)

Meetup with a long time no see friend at Bugis Junction for lunch.  We walk a few rounds before deciding on what to eat.

We were at Osaka Ohsho at the basement of Bugis Junction.

Friend had the Salmon rice set

Set comes with gyoza, can't remember the name of it as receipt with my friend.

From the menu, the teriyaki chicken dry ramen looks good, beside I have not try ramen in dry version before as usually what I had is soup version.  When the food is served, the teriyaki chicken looks so different from the menu.

The ramen

My favourite gyoza

After the lunch, we went desserts at Bugis + before we call it a day.


  1. A very foodful day indeed.. nice food, nice desserts and nice company!

  2. Very nice lunch. I would have enjoyed it!

  3. Japanese meal is anytime for me. I never try such teriyaki ramen before. Usually teriyaki chicken with rice in bento set. I loke fried gyoza. Yours is meat or veggie gyoza??

  4. How much is that slab of salmon? Would be quite expensive, I'm sure.

    1. I'm can't really recall the price as the receipt with my friend...

  5. Sharon happy weekend.
    How's the taste of dry ramen?

  6. The ramen look like

  7. I just ate Japanese food last night for dinner. It was different as I ordered very spicy set and burned my lips. Wakakaka

  8. Such a nice meal. The dessert looks great. Wish I could join you! :D


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