Monday, November 26, 2018

Very routine

19th Nov (Mon)

I did not go off on time as a colleague was late for work, have to wait for him to turn up.

My dinner - my own creation - long chicken burger, with mushroom sauce, lettuce, a slice of tomato, a slice of cheese.

20th Nov (Tue)

Feel like having fishball noodle, manage to have a quick brunch before going back.

Minced meat mee kia @ $3 from a coffeeshop @ Jurong East.

The soup

21st Nov (Wed)

Have something in mind to eat, but then, have to wait for colleague who is late to turn up before I knock off.  In the end, burger again.

My own creation - tendergrill chicken with lettuce, a slice of cheese, ham and mushroom sauce and BBQ sauce.

22nd Nov (Thur)

I was at the Jurong East MRT station, on my way to work when I feel the urge to go to the washroom to do my "big" business.  After done, pass by an eatery place in West gate and saw nasi lemak.  Was tempted to buy it back for my dinner.

Nasi lemak @ $3 with ikan bills, sambal chilli, chicken wing, a slice of cucumber and a half hard boiled eggs.

Overall, I like the nasi lemak.

23rd Nov (Fri)

Manage to go and eat the saba fish with chicken set which I have wanted to eat.

Saba with chicken set $6

Comes with a bowl of soup, rice and small kimchi.


  1. So cheap, the nasi lemak with chicken some more!

  2. 哇…你自己弄的burger就很吸引了!

    1. But if for customer, have to follow procedure, hehe...

  3. Long time haven't eaten burger. Have a fabulous new week!

  4. I like your creation. Can add what ever you like in your burger. Not always same ingredients.

  5. Voila! You are now an expert in making long or short yummy burgers! I must work in a fast food restaurant to save my meals.

  6. I see all sorts of customised burgers in ur blog...look so yummy I wanna have a bite too!


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