Monday, November 19, 2018

As per normal

10th Nov (Sat)

There's an eatery place which is not very far from my workplace that I have wanted to check it out.  But no chance on weekdays as I have to be back before the stated time to wait for the transport to bring my mum's back.

Since I'm working today, and I need not rush back as Saturday, my mum don't go to the Day Care Centre, I decided to check out the place.

Not all stalls are open.

I had pig organ soup @ $3.50

With yam rice @ $0.70

11th Nov (Sun)

Early in the morning, I ask my mum if she wants to go church, at first she said she doesn't want to go.  After a while, ask her again, she's ok, so we went church.

After service,  was asking her if she wants to go home or go Harbourfront makan.  She wants Harbourfront.

She had sliced fish mee sua @ $5

I had braised duck rice with an add on @ $3.50.  This duck rice has been around for a long time and the guy still recognize me.  He told me, when I know you, you are still young.  You should be younger than me.  So I ask him, if you don't mind I ask you, how old are you.  He told me his age, his age and my age, not very far apart.

The soup for the braised duck duck

Usually, will go walk one round and look look see see ferries to Batam, then see if my mum wants to have anything for brunch before going back.  But my mum complaining her leg tiring after crossing the overhead bridge, so told her we go the nearest KFC sit sit then we go back. 

The dining crew of KFC overheard me telling my mum we go find a seat to sit.  He ask me, you eating, then point to me the kiosk machine, I feel like telling him, I won't come in and sit and not ordering anything.  You have to let me settle my mum first mah before I go and order foods.

Order a snacker @ $4.20, used to be $4, now the price increase by $0.20.  KFC now is say NO to straws.  There's a notice stating if you really need straw, approach the service crew.

As I need a straw so that it will be easier for my mum to drink.  I request a straw from the service crew, who insisted that NO straw.  So I point out to the notice, then I was given a straw, and the service crew told me, i'm following instructions.

Went for the 5pm Sundays at the Park workout, each participant was given a box of snack by the RC volunteer, guess there's balance from an event, so we were given a box each.


  1. the kfc is so tempting! but too bad the staffs are so rude.

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