Sunday, November 11, 2018

The usual routine

29th Oct (Mon)

Nowadays, I need to stand at the counter for 1 hour after a colleague knock off and while waiting for another colleague to finish his break before taking over the counter.

Recently, I bought a small piece of pumpkin  and some mushroom from the wet market.  So with some chinese sausage, I dump into the rice and cook with it.

30th Oct ( Tue)

I was told by my manager to stand by the auditor coming.  Auditor come, don't play play manz, have to follow procedure manz.  I'm one of them who doesn't follow procedure, auditor come, I sure die lah.  Phew, auditor didn't come.

I was craving for cake, so bought a piece of cake and share with my mum.

Coco exotic from Four Leaves @ $4.20

31st Oct (Wed)

Again, standing by for the auditor to come.

Again, one of my colleague did not turn up, my manager manage to "borrow" a staff from another outlet.  If not, will be manager and one staff only and somemore, month end, my manager have to check stock and standby auditor to come and my manager also just came back from holiday.

My dinner - tendercrisp chicken 

1st Nov (Thur)

When I report for work, I was ask to "travel" to another outlet to borrow some stuff.

While at the outlet, the manager was telling me that my manager, E, was involve in a road accident and in the hospital.

Then, back at my workplace, I was told the auditor has came yesterday, phew, the auditor came after I went back.

Thought of visiting my manager at the hospital, after settling my mum, I decided to make a trip there.  Was told, he has been discharge as he was in the hospital for observation only.

I must drink a cup of kopi everyday, so was at the nearby cafe.  A cup of coffee...

And a piece of pandan cake @ $2.80

2nd Nov (Fri)

Was asking my manager if my colleague is coming today as Wednesday and yesterday, colleague did not turn up for work.  Manager also do not know if colleague will turn up anot.

Yes, colleague turn up for work.

Was craving for taro pie, so took a taro pie back.

The filling, fee : meal provided


  1. Coco exotic looks good but not our miserable ringgit.

  2. Love both the cakes, sure look yummy!

  3. Taro pie, I like that sweet snack.

  4. You are so clever and innovative to throw pumpkin and Chinese sausage into the rice pot. I could imagine how flavourful it would be. I must learn this from you.

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