Thursday, November 8, 2018

The usual weekend

27th Oct (Sat)

Has miss my Sat morning for two weeks, today manage to go for the exercise.

After the exercise, I was at the Food Centre in Clementi Centre.  Wanted to eat vegetarian bee hoon, there's queue.  Fried carrot cake, also queuing, end up having chwee kueh.

Chwee Kueh @ 3 for $1.50

As bringing my mum to the Senior Friendship Circle tomorrow, I went for the Saturday Hokkien Service.

After service, was at Redhill Food Centre for early dinner.  Had the signature mee sua @ $3.

28th Oct (Sun)

In the morning, told my mum, we go Zone 2 RC Senior Friendship Circle as I have register for her.  Bluff her, if she don't go, I have to pay $10.

Breakfast for the Seniors

After the SFC ends, was at the usual coffeeshop, order a bowl of sliced fish mee sua with 3 dumplings @ $5.30 to share.

Need to buy grocery, so went to the Community Hospital visiting a neighbourhood neighbour and then to the supermarket.  When I went to greet the elderly uncle in the next bed, although he did not talk, but he was smiling.

After visiting neighbourhood neighbour and buy grocery, time for me to drink coffee, a cup of mocha @ $5.


  1. Good to get some exercise. It has been weeks since I go for my morning walk.

    1. Nowadays, I doing lesser exercise, so if nothing pops up during weekend, will go for exercise...

  2. I too have not been regular in my walking exercise due to the morning rain. So kind of you to visit the elderly uncle in hospital to cheer him up.

    1. Sometimes sudden downpour makes it not possible to exercise...

  3. wah lau eh... your weekend sure busy leh. Eat more la. So little food. Later no energy


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