Saturday, November 3, 2018

A new week has begin

22nd Oct (Mon)

For an hour before I knock off, I was ask to stand at the counter taking orders as the colleague doing counter has knock off and another colleague is not here yet.

Then there's a customer, the customer wants long chicken meal, frankly speaking, i'm not to sure which is the correct chicken button as they do have another type of chicken, so I just anyhow han tam, phew, key correctly.

Salmon portion bought from the supermarket.

23rd Oct (Tue)

I have something in mind to eat, but I didn't knock off in time, so not able to go and eat.

So my dinner is my own creation tendergrill chicken with cheese, lettuce, bacon.

24th Oct (Wed)

One of my colleague did not turn up for work.  Uncle off day is on Wednesday.   There are two students in the schedule, one of them wrote in the group chat, that he was not coming.  If the other student didn't turn up, closing willl be manager and one Malay staff working.

Lucky i woke early up iin the morning, so cook something and when I'm back, my dinner is ready to eat.

25th Oct (Thur)

I manage to knock off punctually and went to have dry laksa @ $4.80 which I have bookmark in Jcube.

Dry laksa with tau pok, fishcake, prawn

This saba fish, which I bought a packet from the supermarket, is for my mum's dinner.

26th Oct (Fri)

Again, my colleague didn't turn up, I didn't manage to knock off on time.

My dinner - my own creation - long chicken with mayonnaise, chicken patty, lettuce. bacon.


  1. How much is a slice of salmon like that there? Here, we can get two for around RM40, much cheaper than eating at the restaurants and they only give a small slice.

    1. I can't remember how much I paid for it, but like what you mention, it will be cheaper than eating outside...


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