Monday, October 16, 2017

Sunday (8th Oct)

On Saturday, my mum was saiding she doesn't want to go church the next day.  It so happen Auntie Mary called me that night to tell me something.  The next morning, I bluff my mum, Auntie Mary called and ask me if she's going church, when Auntie Mary heard that she is not going,  she's disappointed my mum not going.  My  mum change her mind had go.

At the waiting point for the transport which is outside PPHCSC, Uncle Tang, Auntie Mary, another Auntie, my mum and I was early. The Auntie was asking what my mum usually do at home, my mum heard the Auntie asking about her, she sudden throw tanturm, Auntie Mary sweet talk her and she calm down.

Uncle Choo son was there, but not Uncle Choo.  Usually Uncle Choo son come on the dot.  Ask him, where's your Dad, he reply quarrel, since he's sitting at the back and i'm sitting in front with my mum, didn't ask more.

When at the church, ask him what happen that he quarrel with his father, only to realise his father quarrel with his mother.

Refreshment after the church service

My mum had her usual duck porridge, while I had Yong Tau Foo mi tai bak @ $4.

A bowl of soup with vegetable

It so happen I was walking around undecide on what to eat when I bump into the Chinese Ministry Pastor wife who is there having a brunch before rushing for her appointment.  She was asking where's my mum, told her my mum is sitting behind and I was looking around seeing what I wanted to eat, when I was back with the Yong Tau Foo, she has shift to the same table sitting with us.

My mum wants mutton soup with bread @ $4.50, but she couldn't finish the bread and have it pack back.

After walking one round, my mum said she was full, told her we go have a cup of coffee before we go back.  We went McDonald's.  At first she wants soup, told her I order soup for her from McCafe.  She the change her mind saiding she wants nuggets with drink which I told her, if order set, will be more worth it, but can finish anot as set consist of 6pc nuggets, fries and drink.

In the end, she said she wants cake.  A piece of Mango Cheesecake cost $5.

Cappuccino costs $3.  If order set, Mango Cheesecake with cappuccino cost $6.50.

After coming back, I did not go for Sundays at the Park workout.  Was thinking, since I have to do cleanup for the house, might as well I do spring cleaning, so when CNY coming next year, I have lesser cleanup.  I only did the kitchen as I chasing after a Taiwan drama that night.


  1. So cute you tricked your mum into going to church :)

  2. Gosh. So much drama with other people life. Haha. Hope uncle Choo and wife reconcile and can attend church service the next time.

    1. Hope one of the Sunday, the whole family can attend church together...

  3. Your story like some Hong Kong family drama. I like the mango cakes, looks delicious!

  4. Oooo...I miss mutton soup with French loaf. Only in Singapore.

  5. glad that ur home improvement is now done. Yea, early spring cleaning to avoid all the last minutes CNY hassles!

    1. Since I have to clean the house, might as well I do now...

  6. The mango cheesecake looks really yummy ^.^


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