Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Day 4 of Home Improvement Plan (30th Sept)

I was asking my mum if she wants to eat at the market near our place or I tabao for her.  She wants to go eat before the workers arrived.  

I had kway chap, told them I do not want 猪皮 and 三层肉, so the ingredients consist of pig intestines, tau kway, hard boiled egg, tau pork.

With the chap, it costs $4

Three workers arrived at 9am, they are doing the metal gate.

Then one more worker came to do the work that is suppose to be done for the day.

Thought that the worker will finish the job at around 5 plus, but this round, he finished at around 6.35pm. 


  1. Rushing to finish work before the mooncake festival! hahaha

  2. So good of the worker to finish his work even though he had to work later than usual.

  3. Nice to see this. I had kway chap today :P

    1. I think Malaysia kway chap a bit different from Singapore if I am not wrong, the ingredients together with the chap instead of separate plate?


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