Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A date with General Practitioner

My mum High Blood Pressure medicine is finishing soon and that means she has to go back to see the doctor.  At first she was telling me, ok liao, no need to see doctor, no need to take medicine.  Reply her, I am not the doctor, u go see doctor, if doctor said no need to take medicine, then no need to take.  Told her also, after see doctor, we go eat the sliced fish mee sua at the stall u patron before.

While at the clinic waiting for her turn to see doctor, she was grumbling about the other day at the hospital seeing doctor. But inside the room, she become quiet and didn't talk much to the doctor.

As her cholesterol was a bit high, the doctor ask her if she wants to take medicine or control her diet. She reply take medicine.  The doctor perscribe 3 months high blood medicine for her.  As for the medicine for cholesterol, told the doctor 1 month first just in case she doesn't want to take the medicine.

Phew, lucky my mum still have balance from the Pioneer Generation Subsidy of $540 per year, so no payment for that visit.

After that, we went to eat, where I order sliced fish mee sua for her (didn't take picture of it).

It has been a while since I had porridge, so order porridge from the chap chai rice stall 

Had steam egg, salted vegetable, sliced fried fish fillet @ $3.80.

When I took the medicine from the registration staff, I only saw that the packaging is different.  It was only when reach home that I realise that for the high blood pressure medicine, it's 10mg whereby the label states 5mg. As all the while, the medicine my mum took is 5mg.  Is either the doctor increase the dosage of the medicine or the staff mistaken give wrongly.  Went back to the clinic to check with the staff. Ask her how come the label states 5mg whereby the packaging is 10mg. The staff change the medicine to 5mg.

Lucky I told the doctor 1 month medicine for high cholesterol, my mum change her mind, she doesn't wants to take the medicine, she wants to control her diet.


  1. Good that you're so very observant.

    1. At first, I was wondering how come the box different colour...

  2. Control diet better lah. Once you're on pills, there's no turning back anymore :( ...

  3. Good thing that you noticed the dosage and went to have it changed.

  4. If mom can control diet, no need medication for cholesterol. Good thing you were observant and got the medicine changed for your mom.

  5. I don't like visiting the Doctor ..lol!

    1. If possible, I also don't like visiting Doctor, haha...


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