Monday, October 23, 2017

Sunday (15th Oct)

At first, my mum was saiding do not want to go church.  Was thinking, better to get her to go out walk walk, better than she stays at home sitting there doing nothing.  Told her I got nothing in the fridge.  We go church, then go out and eat.

Refreshment hosted by a couple in thanksgiving to God for the gift of their baby girl.   The filing for the ang Ku Kueh is muah bean. 

Seah Im Food Centre is undergoing spring cleaning, so we went Holland Drive.  Had lunch at a coffeeshop.  My mum wants chicken rice.  They have $3/$4, ordered $4 for my mum with more chicken.

西洋菜排骨汤 @ $3.50 to share

I was sitting facing the stall selling wanton mee and the char Siew tempts me to order wanton mee $3.50.

After that, we went Han's to have coffee ($1.70) and my mum wants the pandan kayak cake ($2.40).

After that, went back to have a rest before going for the 5pm Sundays at the Park workout.  First workout after the completation of the Home Improvement Plan.


  1. I love ang ku kueh. The wanton noodles looks delicious and the pandan kayak cake looks good too! Ahh! Coffee!

  2. You must b every relieved that the home improvement is over.

  3. You must be glad to finally complete the home improvement project.

  4. Oooo...I love ang ku kueh!

  5. Hot weather like this, sure is nice to have a bowl of water cress soup!

  6. Wah.. after church services , you guys really have a good time with food. I love kueh too! My colleagues always brought me some good Ang ku kuehs!

  7. That char siew would have tempted me Looks so good.


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