Friday, October 13, 2017

Day 10 of Home Improvement Plan (7th Oct)

Finally it has come to the last day of the Home Improvement Plan.  Went down to the Food Centre to makan before the worker come.

My mum had minced meat with century egg porridge @ $2.50.

I had wanton mee @ $2.50

One worker came, do water test for bathroom/toilet.  After some times, me high tide, since they are doing water test, I could not use the toilet, I went to PPHCSC to borrow the toilet and to read newspaper.  When I was back, my mum is around, but not the worker.  Not too sure how long the water test will take, and also they will come and install the grab bar in the afternoon, they didn't give a specific time.   Called the office wanting to check the timing, but could not get hold of the lady.  Thought of going get fruit, but I was worried, if I step out of the house, if there's anything, my phone will ring and I have to rush back, so drop the idea.

Another worker came around 1.30pm to settle the water test, ask him what time will the person doing the grab bar come, he said he's doing the grab bar.  He went off and came back around 1 hour later with the tools and the grab bar to do the installation.  Total 8 grab bar to be install.  The office lady came to handover the key to the metal gate and also I have to sign some document.  The guy completed the grab bar installation at around 4 plus.  And that marks the completion of the Home Improvement Plan.

While they are doing the grab bar, I ask my mum if she wants to do downstairs eat dinner after they finish with the grab bar.  At first she said ok.  After the guy left, she said she's not very hungry, so we settle on cup noodle.

And now my turn to be busy, doing the cleaning up and then laundry. 


  1. At last you can get down to do the cleaning up of the house. Then life will be back to normal again.

  2. You must be glad its finishing...

  3. I think my taste is similar to your mum's. I seem to like what she has every time more than yours.

  4. I can imagine the mess and the inconvenience.. hope you can cope up with the cleaning... all the best!

  5. Finally got new toilet to use! Must be super inconvenient!

  6. Can't wait for the improvement works to be over, right?

  7. Happy to hear it's over, Sharon. I believe you must be tired out from all the cleaning up you have to do. Don't forget to rest, ya?

  8. Congrats !! I remember I was so delighted last time when it’s over !!


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