Thursday, October 5, 2017

Sunday (1st Oct)

At first, my mum said she doesn't want to go church, I told her, if she doesn't want to go, the next few days, the workers are coming to do the toilet/bathroom, cannot go anywhere, have to be at home.  The most if she wants to go have a walk is downstair.

At the refreshment area after the service, was chatting with Uncle Choo where he mention his wife is admitted to hospital, ask him which hospital, he says "see pie po" (in hokkien), I thought it's Singapore General Hospital (SGH) as most of the time, I heard people saiding "see pie po" is SGH.  Only to realise his wife is in National University Hospital (NUH).

As usual, after service, my mum wants to go Seah Im Food Centre for lunch.  At first, she wants Duck rice, but there's Q, she change her mind and have sliced fish soup with rice.

It has been a while since I had briyani, as usually I find the rice a lot.  Since my mum around, thought if I had briyani, I could share some with her.

Ordered a fried chicken briyani @ $5 which comes with an egg.

The egg, should have request for more chili

The fried chicken, quite small piece

I like long grain rice, bought once a packet back to cook, but my mum doesn't like it, so no long grain rice for me at home.

The curry sauce

Then went Harbourfront walk one round, my mum wants the chicken macaroni from Heavenly Wang, I ask her, if she can finish it, as I'm still quite full from the briyani I eat.  She said can, so order a chicken macaroni set @ $7.80, where we share the coffee and toasted bread.

After that, we went back where I rest for a while before going for the Sundays at the Park Workout.  Feel good after workout as I have not been exercising for a week.  Caught flu last Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday , starting of Home Improvement Plan for 10 days (Exclude Sunday).


  1. I love bryani! Yours looks good!

    1. I like it too, but usually the rice a lot, so seldom eat it...

  2. 很久沒有吃briyani了!那個炸鷄確實是小得可憐啊…

  3. Wow! Your mum has good appetite and that is very important to keep her strong with energy at this age.
    I also like long grain rice. I think most American rice are all long grains.

  4. Yes, good that your mom has appetite.. that shows body still working good!

  5. Oooh! The briyani looks so good! Good that your mom has good appetite!

  6. I haven't had briyani in awhile. You are so tempting me!

    1. I like briyani, but don't eat often as usually, the rice a lot...


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