Thursday, October 26, 2017

Saturday (21st Oct)

I have something on, on Sunday (22nd October), so ask my mum if she wants to attend another Church Hokkien Service on Saturday in Tanglin Road area.

After service, she wants to go Bukit Merah Central for an early dinner.  The coffeeshop we went to, not much variety to choose, an Indian stall, Malay stall, fishball noodle stall, roasted duck, soya chicken, wanton noodle, etc stall, drink stall.

My mum had the soya chicken hor fun @ $3.50

Soup to go along with the soya chicken hor fun

I had soto ayam @ $3

Itchy mouth, bought a banana walnut cake @ $1.30 to share.


  1. After having the main dish, nice to end with something sweet e.g. banana walnut cake. Have a good day, Sharon!

  2. Nice dinner, Sharon. The cake is a good choice too!

  3. Chicken? That looks like duck! I think duck will be nicer.

  4. I always love soya sauce chicken :) And very nice to have the banana walnut cake.

  5. Wah! Your mouth so itchy lately. I buy you a bottle of "Fong Yau". LOL Wakakaka


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