Thursday, October 19, 2017

Seeking opinion

On every second Saturday of the month (my mum started in the month of July this year) from 2pm, my mum will receive a food pack with items like 5kg rice, cooking oil, some canned food, biscuit, cereal, Milo, etc from the Community Centre.  I will collect on my mum behalf.

6th October
Auntie Lee received the letter to start collecting from this month.  She called me, from the way she speaks, must be wanting to go with me.  I rejected her, by telling her to get her granddaughter to go with her.  She was telling me, not too sure if the granddaughter knows the way to the Community Centre. In my heart, I was thinking, young people, her granddaughter is 16 or 17 year old, can't be do not know the way . Beside, I am collecting for my mum, rice itself (5kg) is already very heavy. How am I going to help her with it.  She's 80 years old, has some leg problem, touchwood, if she had a fall, I had to be responsible for it.  From my place to the Community Centre, around 10 min walk.

7th October
She got Auntie Mary handphone number from PPHCSC staff and called Auntie Mary, telling Auntie Mary that her granddaughter told her got food pack and $25 voucher to be used to buy foods at the Food Centre near my places.  Auntie Mary told her, it's either food pack or food voucher, can't be both as Auntie Mary has collected food pack for many years.

Auntie Mary help Auntie Lee to call the Community Centre to arrange for the food pack to be deliver to Auntie Lee house.  Auntie Lee told the Community Centre staff that she's staying with her son and granddaughter, the Community Centre staff told her to get her granddaughter to help her carry.

13th October
During  the breakfast session at PPHCSC, Auntie Lee told me she will be going with her granddaughter to collect the food pack.

Auntie Lee called me in the afternoon, I didn't answer the call.

16th October
Auntie Mary called me.  Auntie Lee didn't go church on Sunday.  Auntie Mary bump into her at the void deck of Auntie Lee place on Sunday if I didn't hear wrongly, Auntie Lee complain to her about me not helping her out.  And also she won't call me anymore. Upon hearing this, Auntie Mary told her don't call her also.   Ask Aunty Mary, what's Auntie Lee reaction, the answer I got, Auntie Lee walk off.  I told Auntie Mary, if Auntie Lee is staying alone or if her relationship with her granddaughter is not on good terms, I can make an additional trip to the Community Centre to help her.

Questions to ask : Am I in the wrong for rejecting Auntie Lee and ask her to get her granddaughter to help her out?


  1. You can't please everybody so you gotta please yourself. Gee!!! You have so many of these very aunties around.

  2. Wah! Aunties can be fun and scary sometimes. You didn't do anything wrong as the choice is yours. However, if you want to do charity and help, we will do so without conditions or ask so much questions. Just walk over as it is near your house & since she asked. Maybe she is to ashamed to tell the world that nobody in the family wants to help her. Just like Hospice cancer patients, I fetched those strangers to various hospitals for treatment and not supposed to ask why their families in the house didn't bother to fetch them when they even have few cars parked inside the porch... This is helping without conditions. Just my 2 cents.

  3. I think it is alright to be honest to someone and tell then if you are unable to help. After all, since she is living with her family members, they should be the ones to help.

  4. You have your rights. I think you are not wrong. She should have someone to take care and help her.

  5. I don't think you are wrong. It's better to be honest with the aunties. Right now, you have your mom to worry about and I have seen what happens when people get too stressed out from doing too much alone. :)

  6. I think it is alright if you are not able to help her especially when she has family members staying with her and she is not alone by herself.

  7. All the comments are right on the dot. Do whatever please you and not others.


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