Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Day 7 of Home Improvement Plan (4th Oct)

Time flies, one week has passed, Home Improvement Plan Day 7 already.

My mum starts the day with bee hoon, add a piece of hash brown and luncheon meat for her, cost $2.70.

After the workers arrived, I went Fairprice X'tra to buy a new heater, since the old one, there's some problems, and the workers from the Home Improvement Plan Team will be coming on Friday (6th Oct) morning (that's what I was told) to do the installation, I need to get it ready by Thursday (5th Oct).   They sell different models of heater, not too sure which one to choose, so ask the staff for help.  He recommends the Panasonic brand and mention a lot of people under the Home Improvement Plan bought it.  The stock they have now is new one and just arrived.  Since Fairprice X'tra do not sell LED lights for bathroom/toilet,  I thought I will bring the heater and pack food for my mum before I go and get the LED light.  The staff from Fairprice X'tra told me, IMM got sell, but it will be expensive, go neighborhood shop buy, will be cheaper.

After bringing the heater and food back, rest for a while, called one of the Grassroots Leader (her house has already completed the HIP) to ask her about the LED light.  She told me nearby our place there, got sell.  I walk to the shop there, the staffs seem like not sure about the product and also not very helpful, forget it, I didn't buy, just in case I buy wrongly.

I decided to go Jurong West 400 plus there to see if they do sell it, if not, I will go 500 plus there to see.

While at Jurong West 400 plus, went in to a shop, a helpful Uncle attend to me, do not have what I want. 

Then another shop, yes, they do have what I want.  The boss is very helpful and knowledgeable, he's able to answer whatever I ask him.  I told him, I saw a LED light at another place, I won't mention where I saw it, the price is more expensive than the one he's selling.  He was telling me, toilet/bathroom, you won't be inside there for long, only doing business, bathing, so not necessary to get a good one.

So I bought from him.  I will go back again to his shop if I need any items in future.

After buying what I need to buy, thought I want to go Jurong Point eat something I have in mind, 2nd thought, I have to carry the things, take bus there, might as well I go another day when I go buy grocery.

Earlier on, I pass by a coffeeshop and saw some office workers eating the claypot rice.  So I thought I will try it out, $7 for 1 person portion with ingredients chicken, chinese sausage, chinese liver sausage, salted fish.

There are two Indian workers, two China workers.  The schedule for the day is tiling to bathroom/toilet walls while tiling to bathroom/toilet floors is on Thursday (5th Oct), the floor s tiling, they did it on the same day, so by the time they finish, it's 7 plus before they call it a day.

I'm a bit curious, whether got lorry to ferry the workers back, ask the Indian worker,  was told, head taking MRT back.

Same as what the other day when I ask the worker doing concrete, he's also taking MRT, each day, he was given $5 transport allowance. 


  1. Nice bee hoon and claypot rice. Hope the renovation work completed on time.

  2. Have not had claypot rice for a long time. We love that but there is soy sauce, not gluten free so we do not go for it anymore.

  3. Honestly I always find that all the sales persons in the shops and restaurants in Singapore are very polite and helpful to me. Shopping and dining is always a pleasure for me except our ringgit is so weak now.

    Later you must show us the photo of your new bathroom okay!!

  4. Hope renovation will be finished soon.. can imagine the messiness after the workers leave for the day.. good that you are always around..

  5. I also bought LED lights for my home early this year.

  6. Your mum has really long nails, Sharon. I feel like putting nail polish on them. I have short nails because it's easier for me to do housework.


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