Saturday, May 31, 2014

Thank you!!!

I want to specially thank  Small Kucing for the gifts that her mama sent.  When i receive the parcel, i was shocked by the postage rate.  So paiseh that she paid so much for the postage rate.

With the gifts is a card

I loves this card very much.  Not that i do not like the other gifts, i like it also, but this card, i loves it too much too much as it has J hand written in it.  At first, i thought the stickers is stick by Mama Kucing till Mama Kucing mention that the stickers is decorated and stick by J.

Thank you once again for the gifts.


  1. so nice you have so many presents from friendsssss...... :)

  2. So special to receive small kucing handwritten and own stickers designed card. you must be very happy!

  3. Wahhhhhh!!!! Lucky you! Me, long time did not get any gifts from her already. Sobssss!!!!!

  4. so nice of Mamarazzi to post those stuffs all the way to Singapore to you.. yeah, i think the postage is not cheap huh?? but then Mamarazzi is famous for her big heart mah.. :)

  5. lovely gifts.. and yes, i love that card the most too!! so precious because it has Small Kucing's handwriting, and wow, he put on the stickers and wrote nicely Sharon Jie Jie.. awwww, heart melted right?? :)

  6. Yes, the postage is super high when sending to Sg.. maybe bec of the exchange rate... never mind, as long as you are happy.. hahaha... as if I am the one sending.. hahaha...

  7. 最重要是那份难能可贵的心意!:D

  8. 孤傲的王子

    Thanks to Mama Kucing for the presents, hehe....


    Blessed to receive it... :)


    That's why i loves it very much... hehe...


    Maybe she will give you a surprise gifts, hehe....


    Yes, it is, hehe...


    I still can't figure out the postage rate, wonder if it goes by weight...

    Super happy about the card, and also makes me fly, hehe...


    Thought it will go by weight...


    Agree :)


    Yes, it is... :)

  9. always lovely to be receiving things in the post! especially such thoughtful things ♥ ♥

    thanks very much for paying a visit back to my site & for leaving me a comment!
    i appreciate it..

  10. sgrmse

    Am very happy to receive it... :)

    Small Kucing

    Thank you once again... :)


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