Saturday, May 24, 2014

Milo Roadshow

I was at West Coast this morning  to do some marketing and having my breakfast and it so happen that there's a Milo roadshow at one of the coffeeshop.

They are there from 9am to 11am

Order a cup of Milo with cereal at S$1.50 and you get to keep the cup after drinking it.

Got chance to play game also

Sure win game, you press the button and when it stop, it show's what prize you have won.

Got a Water Bottle

Love 972 DJ 晓英 and 崇庆 is there from 10am to 11am

Love 972 DJ 晓英 and 崇庆


  1. Cool! Sop you get to keep the cup as souvenir :)

  2. So nice, You won something? Lucky you.

  3. good afternoon Sharon..

    wow, lucky you!! saw the Milo Roadshow and quickly go and grab one drink at S$1.50 and keep the cup!!

    nice cup and i won't mind just spending S$1.50 for that, somemore got drinks and also lucky draw..

    good afternoon everyone!! have a great weekend :)

  4. Reminds me of the Milo roadshow in primary school time! We all get super excited when see the Milo truck!

  5. I like the water bottle!!! It's like the Nike water tumbler!!!

  6. Lina

    Ya lor, worth it ya, hehe...


    Everyone who buy a cup of the milo cereal drink will sure win something, hehe...


    Good evening SK...

    Worth it ya, S$1.50, got drink, got cup, got prize, hehe...

    U too enjoy the weekend ahead... :)


    Now if i see the Milo truck, i will be excited too, hehe...


    I like it too, hehe...

  7. It is a good deal as you get to.keep the cup. Nice promotion.

  8. such an interesting milo roadshow.

  9. Mun

    Ya lor, and also worth it, S$1.50 got a drink and a cup to keep, hehe...


    Yes, it is...


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