Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Steam Fish & Fried Fish

I hardly buy fish so i do not know whether the fish i bought is expensive anot.  I  bought the fish as in 1 & 3 for S$12.  The lady told me the this fish is 红斑.





I cooked the fish two times.  The first time i steam the fish garnish with ginger and parsley (hope i didn't name it wrongly) as in 2.  The sauce, i used light soy sauce, rock sugar, hua tiao wine mixed with water as from what i google from the website.

The second time, i fried the fish as in 4.  The fish, i anyhow han tam rub it with a bit of curry powder which i had at home and then fried it.


  1. Wah, your cooked fish looks great, 有模有样哦!

  2. Fish is not cheap.. A small "pak chong" already cost RM28! I was shocked when mum told me when we went over for lunch.. I usually buy "sekk pan" or "mayau" for the kids, to boil porridge..

  3. Steaming is healthier...but I like it fried. Hehehehe!!!!

  4. good morning Sharon

    wow, one fish two ways of cooking!! not bad not bad.. and i can see you actually made them looks good leh.. now, you really know how to cook huh?? :p

    the steam fish looks nice, and the fried one looks very nicely done also..

    good morning everyone!! it's mid-week today, hope everyone has a great one ahead :)

  5. The fish looks fresh! Yes, fish is more expensive than chicken nowadays... but good to eat fish! Nice try.. they look good, steamed and fried...

  6. You fried the fish very nice...

  7. once a while to buy better fish is alright one... but kenot always

  8. I like steam better co fry oil will be all over the plc

  9. I like this fish cook in fried type then eat it with porridge!!! =]

  10. No matter how you cooked, the taste is much more important. I bet this type of fish kind of expensive. Happy cooking! :)

  11. Fish is good, steamed or fried for me :-)

  12. We seldom eat fish at home because my son and hubby don't like them. I like fish soup :)

  13. Good Afternoon Sharon!

    It is so HOT today and I am sweating. I hope it rains this evening!

  14. I love fried fish anytime! You will make a good wife and mummy as you can cook so many things now! Your blog will become F&B blog soon!

  15. I love fishes, steamed or fried alike. Been a fish lover since young.

  16. Hayley

    I 参考 from website, hehe...

    Princess Ribbon

    Ya lor, nowaday fish not cheap...


    I also like it fried, but nowadays, prefer steam as more healthy, hehe...


    Good evening...

    Still room for improvement, hehe...

    Since the lady seller cut for me into four pieces, so i thought of doing it in two ways, hehe....

    Thanks you for your compliment... :)

    You too have a great week ahead...


    Fish is nice to eat, but certain fishes very expensive...

    Thanks for the compliment...


    Thanks for the compliment...

    Ya lor, once in a while ok, every time, heart ache, hehe...

    Small Kucing

    I fry till the whole place smoky, hehe...


    Nice to eat it with porridge ya, hehe...


    Think so as i do not know of the market price...


    Agree... :)

    East Coast Life

    I also seldom eat fish at home, lazy to cook...

    Twilight Man

    Good evening...

    Hot in Singapore too...

    I also loves fish... I only cook when i have the mood, hehe...

    You too have a good day ahead...


    Same same, hi 5... :)

  17. 煎的很成功,不会糊糊的。

  18. Sonia

    Thanks for the compliment... :)


    Thanks for the compliment.. :)

  19. 如果自己煮的话,我会更喜欢炸鱼。脆脆的,很好吃!^^

  20. Vincent

    I also like fried but now tried to steaming more often as more healthy, hehe...

  21. I seldom buy raw fish so cannot comment on the price. Both style of the fish you cooked are very tasty!

  22. Ahhh i like this type of fish, the meat is slightly resilient in texture and i would definitely prefer the steamed version :D

  23. Mun

    Thanks for your compliment... :)


    Me also prefer steam version, more healthy, hehe...

  24. You know what, Sharon? Long time I have not steam a fish.hahah.

    I am hungry now.

  25. Yee Ling

    I also quite long didn't cook fish before this, hehe...

  26. I love fish. I don't know the name and prices of fishes because I seldom do marketing. I only know salmon. haha

    Your 2nd recipe look nice. Fish fried with curry powder. Sure delicious.

  27. mNhL

    Same same, i also do not know the name of the fishes, only in supermarket then they will put the name and price for the fish...


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