Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ah Kow Mushroom Minced Pork Mee @ Hong Lim Food Centre

Last fri, out of sudden in the afternoon, i vomit and feel bloated in the stomach.  I suspected it's gastric flu as many years back, i ever out of sudden vomit, and went to the doctor who mention that it's gastric flu.  Upon reaching home in the evening, i was so tired that didn't take my dinner and went to bed.

The next day, i thought that i will go for foot reflexology at Chinatown to see if it's helps. After the foot reflexology, was at Hong Lim Food Centre, i saw this stall selling Mushroom Minced Pork Mee which has a Q, so out of curious, Q for this Mushroom Minced Pork Mee.

Q for about 20 mins

From the side, saw that they sold many bowls of Mushroom Minced Pork Mee.

Price list

S$4 for this bowl of Mushroom w/Minced Meat Mee Kia, at first i thought they only have one dumpling, only to realise later that two dumpling as the other one is hidden below the mee kia.  Nothing special about it but i loves the dumpling.


  1. Hope you are feeling much better now. Hidden dumlings - must be a nice surprise. This noodle type is yellow noodle or hakka noodle or wanton mee noodle?

  2. Minced pork mee? Looks like wantan mee, or hakka mee.. I like hakka mee too, only char-siew and minced pork, I like..

  3. Mun

    Thanks, recovered liao...

    It's mee kia...


    Ok lor...

    Princess Ribbon

    Hearing you mention about Hakka mee makes me crave for it, hehe...

  4. Hope you get well now.
    Since so many ppl Q for that, the noodles taste nice?

  5. You must take your meals regularly and cannot be in big portions each time.. eat moderately and your gastric will not occur... :)

  6. good morning Sharon, hope you are feeling well now.. did the foot reflexology help??

    wow, so many people queuing for this bak chor mee.. but you didn't find it any special, haha!! well, i guess queuing is the culture of Singapore huh?? :p

    good morning everyone and have a great day ahead :)

  7. so long q. must have been very ho chiak lo

  8. Wow....indeed after the foot reflex u have your appetite back ! Can even queue up for 20 mins for the noodles. hehe....

    I love dumplings too.

  9. Good Morning Sharon!

    The weather is nice today!

  10. Mushroom Minced Pork Mee is new to me. I have not tried this and it must be good! The queue is convincing enough!

  11. LOL... I didn't know that you would spy on their empty bowls!!!

    Have a good week!

  12. I like minced pork noodles.In fact I cook a lot at home until the kids got satiated.hahaha

  13. Must be something that you ate or the crazy weather. Everyone is sick these days. Drink more fluid and rest well.

    That noodle is yummy looking.

  14. Grace

    Noodles ok, but the dumplings is nice...


    Thanks for the advise... :)


    Good afternoon...

    Yes, it's helps... :)

    The noodles normal, but the dumpling is nice, hehe...

    Ya lor, Singapore culture, lol...

    You too have a great day ahead...

    Small Kucing

    Dumpling is nice...


    The Q-ing must see mood, hehe...

    Hi-5... :)

    Twilight Man

    Good afternoon...

    Morning raining, now weather good in Singapore, keke...

    Do give it a try if you come Singapore ya... :)

    While Q-ing, nothing to do, so look around, kaka...

    You too have a good week...

    Yee Ling

    I have not tried cooking it at home before, hehe...


    Ya lor, the weather now is crazy, like this morning, it's rain...

    Thanks for the advise... :)

    The dumpling is nice... :)

  15. Ahh nice, i would love to have the noodles but not the meat haha

  16. dear sharon, must take a good care of yourself.. >_<

  17. Oh dear, you must felt bad!

    I hope you are alright now, take good care!

  18. How are you now??? Hope you feeling well now!!! =]

  19. 华言巧语

    Yes, i will, thanks ya... :)


    Haha... For me, i got eat meat, but not really into meat, hehe...


    Thanks for your concern... :) I will... :)


    Thanks for concern, i am fine now... :)


    Thanks for concern, me ok liao... :)

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