Friday, May 2, 2014

Community Sports Festival @ West Coast Cluster 2014 (6th April)

Bought this ticket to Community Sports Festival @ West Coast Cluster 2014 at $2.


Getting ready for the Mass Zumba

Guest-of-Honour and Special Guest also join in the Mazz Zumba

Guest-of- Honour : Mr Lim Hng Kiang, Minister for Trade & Industry

Guest-of-Honour and Member of Parliament greeting folks 

Mass Walk in progress

Milo Van providing milo drink


The two gentleman on the left, not too sure who they are.

3rd from left : Ms Foo Mee Har (Member of Parliment, West Coast GRC)

4th from left :  Mr S Iswaran (Minister, Prime Minister's Office, Second Minister for Home Affairs and Second Minister for Trade and Industry, West Coast GRC)

5th from left :  Mr Lim Hng Kiang (Minister for Trade & Industry, West Coast GRC)

1st from right : Mr Arthur Fong (Member of Parliament, West Coast GRC)

2nd from right : Mr Cedric Foo (Member of Parliament, Pioneer SMC)

3rd from right : Mr Lawrence Wong (Acting minister for Culture, Community and Youth and Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Communications and Information, West Coast GRC)

Cute Mascot




The ticket come with a goodie bag which consist of the above

And also the above soft toy

Play games and won the above stuff


  1. That milo van caught my attention.. Whenever I see this van at exhibitions or wherever, I would q-up rounds after rounds for the drink.. There's something about that taste, can't make the same taste at home nomatter wat..

  2. cute!!! I like the green one! My girl loves anything green!

  3. Wow. Great event.

    That soft toy is cute. And I like Gardenia buns. We dont have these in East Malaysia so when ever my hubby gone to KL, he will try to buy lots of those buns or breads to bring home. Lol

  4. Did you participate the event? Great! Healthy activities. I love archery. Had not playing archery for awhile. :)

  5. Very good wor. Cheap and comes with goodies bag. Most importantly it's a healthy event

  6. good morning Sharon.. how was your holiday yesterday??

    wow, you paid only S$2 and you got all the activities and performance, and a lot of goodies also!! and that huge plush toys also!! so worth that S$2..

    the plush toy looks so cute leh!! errr, is it a frog?? i like~~

    good morning everyone!! have a nice day and a wonderful weekend ahead..

  7. Wow!

    Great activities there!

  8. Wow! You are good at games, won the nice prizes. Do continue participating in these events and share with us. Thanks!

  9. You had to wake up early to exercise. :) The soft toys are so cute!

  10. Good Afternoon Sharon.
    It is raining heavily here! So shiok! Got Water now and rationing ends! Hooray!

  11. I love the way all the community centres in Singapore conduct so much activities to foster healthy and happy lifestyles!

  12. Sounds like a fun and healthy event!

  13. Princess Ribbon

    Same same, me also go rounds after rounds for the drink, hehe...


    Understand Small Kucing like blue, Melissa loves anything green, hehe...


    I find the soft toy cute too... hehe...



    Some only, hehe...

    Small Kucing

    Yes, agree, healthy event... :)


    Good afternoon...

    Yesterday holiday shiok shiok ya, no need to work, hehe...

    Worth the $2 ya, hehe...

    Yes, it's a frog... :)

    You too have a wonderful weekend... :)


    Yes, it is, hehe...


    Will do if there is any in further... :)

    East Coast Life

    Lucky there is transport to take us there, if not, will have to wake up earlier to take transport there...

    Twilight Man

    Good afternoon... The weather in Singapore is opposite, it's hot...

    Thanks TM for the compliment... :)


    Yes, it is... :)

  14. I love those soft toys, they're so cute!!!


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