Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee Pte Ltd

Read about this famous Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee from KL in the newspaper, in the first place, i didn't thought of going to try out as read from the newspaper, the Q is very long and have to wait long for the foods to be served.  To Q so long for a seats and to wait long for a bowl of pan mee to be served?  No, thank you!!! 

It's situated in Macpherson Road, i didn't know about the actual place till one Sunday after church service when i took a bus and pass by the place.  Guess after sometimes, the crowds dies down and the day i went, there were no Q and only waited about 10 mins for the foods.

After entering the place, we were given a piece of paper to place our order, the menu is pasted on the wall for us to choose what we want.

We have to pay at the cashier and then wait for the foods to be served

S$5 for a bowl of Pan Mee

Loves the chili

Buses that passes by

Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee
534 Macpherson Road
Operating Hours :
11am ~ 8pm (Last Order : 7.45pm)


  1. Yummmm!!!! Looks real good. Love the egg!

  2. I heard of this Kin Kin, there's a few branches in KL too, but I've never been there before.. I like pan-mee, the soupy type.. Pinched..

  3. Oo..there is one branch near my place too. I should try it next time. Waiting for my throat to heal.hhehee

  4. Good morning Sharon...
    No wonder this looks familiar..

  5. chili look spicy but nice ^^

  6. oh, at first i thought you came to KL, haha.. because i've tried this Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee long time ago, i guess more than 10 years ago.. didn't know they also open in SG leh..

  7. i ate twice and that's it lah.. actually just normal pan mee, but the gimmick is their chili only.. i cannot take that and two times having that, i also gotta go toilet many times for the rest of the day.. so better don't torture myself anymore lah~~ :D

  8. Never try chilli pan mee, but should be delicious !

  9. Saw your post in FB, looks great la the pan mee!

  10. Very thoughtful of yoou putting up the photo of the bus stop sign. Can be a good indicator for people out of town ;)

  11. Hmm... I think i've read of this place before too but not too sure if its good though

  12. Yes I know of this famous pan mee but I don't take chilli a lot so never go to eat there before. Did you put in a lot of chilli when you eat the pan mee?

  13. There's no direct bus from my place. Heard the chilli is very spicy, I cannot take too spicy food.

  14. The noodles looks yummy...b

  15. Suituapui

    I also loves the egg... :)

    Princess Ribbon

    Me, both type i like, if you didn't mention, didn't know they have few branches, thought only one branch...

    Yee Ling

    Do try it out ya... hehe...


    I loves the chili very much, hehe...


    Good afternoon...

    Saw from newspaper, then now about it, hehe...


    It's very nice...


    Wow, this pan mee has been around for so long... They just only in SG recently, think about 2 - 3 months...

    Curious to try out, no try, won't know how's it taste...


    I have not tried the one in KL, so can't comment much about it...


    I have not tried the one in KL, so can't comment much about it...


    I'm the forgetful type, so put up the bus stop sign, then i know what buses goes there, keke...


    Didn't know about this place before reading in the newspaper...


    Do try it out ya...


    I put in a little bit, worried spicy, but not shiok, so put in a little bit more, keke...

    East Coast Life

    So far ok, i can't take too spicy foods too...


    I have not try the one at KL, so can't comment much about it...

  16. 真的很好吃!想不到红到去新国了!:D

  17. Vincent

    One and only branch in SG, hehe...

  18. I like pan mee but I can't take its special chilli..

  19. Wenn

    A bit of chilli for me, ok, but not too much, i can't take it...


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