Friday, May 16, 2014

Filial Party - Meet the Fans Session

Some of the casts and the Director of the movie, Filial Party was at Jurong Point on 11th May for a Meet-the-Fans Session and to promote their movie.

Before the start, crowds that has form

Fans of Ann Kok (郭舒贤) were there early to chop the front row to support her.


Host for the event : Chen Ning (陈宁), DJ from Radio Station Yes 933

Director and casts from Filial Party

Ann Kok (郭舒贤) & Hayley Woo (胡佳嬑)

Hayley Woo (胡佳嬑) & Richard Low (刘谦益)

(L to R) : Boris Boo (巫培双), Christopher Lee (李铭顺), Mark Lee (李国煌)

While playing games with 6 audiences picked 

Random picture taken

Hayley Woo (胡佳嬑) & Ann Kok (郭舒贤)

Before the end of the Meet-the-Fan Session

I anyhow squeeze to take picture


  1. Wahhhhh!!!! Christopher Lee so old liao kah?: He was in prison once, right? Something to do with his driving, drunk or something. Last time so young, so handsome wor.

  2. Looks like so crowd duh, can see you too so hard to squeeze inside the take the group photo, thanks for your effort, hehe!!! =]

  3. good morning Sharon!!

    wow, you are so supportive of the movie!! and which one or ones of the actors and actresses are your is your idol or are your idols??

    did you get a chance to take photo with the actors and to get autographs from them?? hehe..

    good morning everyone, and have a great weekend ahead :)

  4. Wah very vogue and 'in' la you.. 'chui mingsing' (chase popstars).. I never met with any popstars before due to the crowd and all..

  5. eh from far the Chin Ning look like our Xiao Ying la

  6. Suituapui

    Age catching up liao lor, hehe...

    He's gonna be a father soon, hehe...


    There's people standing there, so have to squeeze squeeze a bit, lol...


    Good morning...

    It so happen Jurong Point not far from my place, so was there to look see look see, lol...

    No chance to take photo with them :(

    U too have a great weekend ahead... :)

    Princess Ribbon

    Lucky the crowds still ok, if too many people, think i will walk off liao, keke....

    Small Kucing

    A bit same ya, hehe...

  7. wahhhh...good la you... I also like to see the actors/actresses esp. HK ones.. I only can recognise Mark Lee here... he is funny!

  8. so good to be up close and personal with them :)

  9. You chase after TV artistes ah!? :D

  10. I recognise those familiar faces!!

  11. Claire

    Mark is a comedy person ya, hehe...


    Ya lor, hehe...

    East Coast Life

    Not very far from my place, so went to see see, hehe...


    oh yeah, hehe...

  12. 我跑来你家坐坐啦!

  13. Did they sign autographs for fans? Thank you for the hard work of getting these up close and personal photos.

  14. Ken

    Yes, new movie...


    Thanks for dropping by... :)


    Nope :(

  15. Would love to watch this movie..... nice kah ?

    So nice to meet up with the stars, but very crowded ya.

  16. mNhL

    Depend of individual, i may find it nice, and you might find it not nice, i may find it not nice, you might find it nice...

    Ya, it's crowded that day, hehe...

  17. I always loved to watch Singapore's movies! The hokkiens are always so funny and I would laugh until fall off from my chair!

  18. I salute this Jack Neo for producing very good movies that suit the home grounds. Mark Lee is my favourite actor although he may not look like Christian Bale but he has his own talents!

  19. Twilight Man

    Thanks for supporting Singapore movies... :)


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