Thursday, May 8, 2014

Open Day for Parents @ Ngee Ann (26th April)

How time's flies, remembering the time i went with my friend to her son Secondary School for the Co-Curricular Activities Open House.  Now my friend son is in Polytechnic pursuing his Diploma course.  As there's a Open Day for Parents, kpo me join in.

At the entrance

Banner indicating the Open Day for Parents

Banner informing of the Shuttle Bus Services that is provided for students to the poly.

Building Directory

Booth of the course that is available at the Poly.  Paiseh to stand there to take picture, so had a quick shot and the picture turn out blur... :(

Welcome address by the Director, School of Humanities & Social Sciences.

There's also sharing by students about the school and the courses that they are taking.

Auditorium that we were in to attend the event

Tea reception were serve

Randomly taking picture

Randomly taking picture

Randomly taking picture


  1. Tea reception? Looks like food reception to me, so much food! ;))

  2. You studied there?

  3. Oohh, free food, nice.. Tea reception? Looks like hotel buffet, hehe..

  4. good morning Sharon..

    hmmm, nowadays school and college and uni all have open day to attract more students.. education can be very commercialized nowadays, don't you agree??

    but then good also, because the students and parents can actually go and see the place themselves..

    good morning everyone.. have a great day ahead :)

  5. Ngee Ann.. very familiar name.. I think a lot of malaysians study there too...

  6. Good morning Sharon! It rained last night and weather cool today.

  7. Can you tell me how did this name Ngee Ann come about? Was it some prominent person's name?

  8. Who said hotel food? I cannot see the food clearly! They should treat parents well for investing their children's education there!

    Have a happy day!

  9. How nice of you to accompany your friend to the open house

  10. Open day for parents - are there many parents who went?

  11. Hayley

    Food is serve, i also not sure how come they name it as tea reception as from the agenda my friend show me...


    Friend son...

    Princess Ribbon

    Ya lor, free foods, but they called it tea reception...


    Good afternoon...

    Ya lor, now not only poly, but JC, Secondary School, have open house for students to go take a look before they choose the school...

    You too have a great day ahead...


    I think so...


    Thanks for the compliment...

    Twilight Man

    Good afternoon... It's rain yesterday but not today...

    I paiseh to take pictures of the foods, hehe.... Cos many parents there, hehe...

    You too have a happy day ahead... :)


    I busybody lor... hehe...


    Quite a lot of parents there...

  12. It's always fun to attend an open day..

  13. I like the buildings picture lo, by looking at those pictures, can tell place is quite nice ya!!! =]

  14. A nice polytechnic. Nice random pics you took there.

  15. Wenn

    Yes, it is...


    Me, 走走拍拍, hehe...


    Thanks for the compliment... :)

  16. 最窝心是有准备tea reception啊!有照顾到大家呢!

  17. Vincent

    At first i thought only dessert, only to know foods is serve, hehe...

  18. They still provided food for the visitors!

  19. ahem ahem going back to school?

  20. East Coast Life

    Ya lor...

    Small Kucing

    Too old to go back school lor... hehe...

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