Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Uggli Muffins

Friend recommended about this Uggli Muffins which is at a Hawker Centre in Toa Payoh.  Went there to take a look after Church on one of the Sunday. 

It's situated on the 2nd storey of the Hawker Centre, but i forgot to take a look at the Unit No.

While waiting, took a random picture, the tau kay is a friendly guy, ask me if this is the first time i try out the muffin.  Reply him yes and he let me tried out a muffin before i bought some back home.

Saw quite a number of people bought a box of 10 

Bought 2 oreo muffin, 2 chocolate muffin, 2 raisin muffin @ S$1 each.  (Buy 10 will get 2 free muffins).  When i open up, realise that i was given 1 extra muffin.

127 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh
Singapore 310127


  1. Seriously they are ugly hor? But I bet they are yummy?

  2. Uggli? Sounds funny - ugly, hehe.. But frankly, I think they are not pretty looking, but looks like macam sedap, coz you said many people buy >10.. Wah, the boss so nice, give you test one biji first.. If after test 1 biji and you said not nice and dont want to buy, can ahh? Hehe..

  3. hahaha.. uggli muffins!! what a name, and i think you just need some very "special" names so that people can remember you huh?? marketing gimmicks..

  4. at first i really thought it's the name.. but then when you showed the muffins, errr, really is that why they name their shop uggli?? seriously doesn't look nice woh, but how was the taste?? you never mention also?? i think they taste nice, since you bought so many after trying one there.. :)

  5. unique name. sure people will remember. taste good?

  6. What a unique name. Hehe...

  7. They come in different sizes? hahahaa.. not presentable but looks can be deceiving.. never judge the book by its cover, right? So ... yummy or not?

  8. Indeed ugly looking muffins! Lol. But important is the taste, appearance is not important.

  9. That's smart marketing strategy...but then looks can be deceiving...

  10. When I first the word "uggli" I thought the Ugg boots! LOL

  11. I also read the name as ugly. Wonder why did they use this name. Must be very tasty since your friend recommended it.

  12. Goshhh!!! They sure are ugly. I would never want to buy those. If own-made at home, ok lah...just eat, they all end up in the same place anyway...like our pancakes. But commercial ones - should have some standard lah, this is most unacceptable. Cannot say as long as they taste nice, ok liao...

  13. Good morning Sharon. It is so hot and dry here today until i wanna die liao.

  14. What Ugly Muffins? They looked nice and tasty. The stall should change to Yummi Muffins. Wakakakakaka

  15. Happy Tuesday and enjoy SK's birthday today. He declared himself public holiday.

  16. Looks good and inexpensive too!

  17. Merryn

    Hardly i see this shape of Muffins, hehe...

    Different people different taste, i find it not bad...

    Princess Ribbon

    Cos some flavours still in the oven and peoples were reserving, that why saw many boxes of > 10...

    Surprise that he gave me one to try out before i buy...

    Can lor, cos i didn't stand in front of his stall to eat lor, hehe...


    Ya lor, hehe...

    Too bad got customers, if not, can ask the boss about it, hehe...

    I find the taste not bad...

    Small Kucing

    The taste not bad...


    Ya lor...


    Saw the muffin baking tin, same size...

    I agree, never judge the book by it's cover...

    Not bad...


    Yes, i agree... :)


    Ya lor...


    Haha... lol...


    Too bad got customer, no chance to ask the boss...


    But still got customers buy...

    Twilight Man

    Good afternoon... So hot the weather here...

    Maybe should feedback to the boss, kakaka...

    Oh yes, it's SK birthday today, hehe...


    Not bad...

  18. I wondered why they are called uggli muffins and I understood when I saw them in your box! As long as they taste good, that is not an issue at all, eh?

  19. 弄得好酥脆啊!那个oreo的很吸引呢!>_<

  20. Phong Hong

    Thanks for visiting my blog...

    For me, this is not an issue...


    Guess you like oreo, hehe...


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