Thursday, June 12, 2014


Craving for 鱼肉米粉, so was at the Food Centre in Blk 254 Jurong East Street 24 to satisfy my craving.

This is the stall and this is not the first time that i have patron the stall.

鱼肉米粉 @ $3.50

Red chilli with soy sauce


  1. That's lai fun rite? "yue watt lai fun"?

  2. Looks a bit like鱼头米粉 I had every Monday!!!

  3. Princess Ribbon the Blur Sotong:
    that is not lai fun, and not yue watt lai fun.. Sharon already said it's Fish Filet Beehoon.. that is fish filet, and thick beehoon the "chou mai fun".. you know or not?? kekekekeke!!

  4. oh, i had this when i was in Singapore in April.. not bad not bad, it's something like our 魚頭米粉 here but of course i always like 魚肉 a lot more than 魚頭..

  5. actually also don't understand why want 魚頭?? 魚肉 got more meat so nicer mah?? hahahaha~~ and then, i love 粗米粉.. :)

  6. Ok, not that enticing...but it may taste great though. Like our dianmianngu here. So colourless...but so many people would fight tooth and claw to go and eat. Not me, not my favourite...and the place is hot and uncomfortable.

  7. wah jurong east... so far! @.@

  8. Princess Ribbon

    SK has reply you... :)


    They have 鱼头 also, but i prefer 鱼肉, hehe...


    Too bad didn't get to meet you when you are here... :) Hi 5, same same, i also like 鱼肉 to 魚頭, hehe...

    I agree, hehe... Same same, i prefer 粗米粉 to 米粉, hehe...


    Thanks for sharing about it over at your side... :)


    Jurong East and Toa Payoh is far, kaka....

  9. this stall is it near the 草源bus center there? if yes then i think i ate before....hehe

  10. Oh u wrote in to read sk's translation... I also thought they were lai fun... Lol...

  11. Nick

    Think the one u eat is at Boon Lay as 草源 is in Boon Lay Shopping Centre... hehe...


    Same like the one u eat sometimes back...

  12. I also prefer fish fillet instead of fish head. 15 years ago I remember eating very nice freshly sliced fish clear soup but don't remember the name of the stall. Cannot find this kind of nice fresh clear soup here in kl without costing a bomb.

  13. The fish soup I like is like those served by Han Kee stall in Amoy Street Food Centre but back then it was not this stall. Have you eaten the fish soup with fresh fish slice by Han Kee?

  14. Sharon, Sharon,
    I love this type of simple yet super yummy鱼肉米粉。

  15. Mun

    Nowadays the fish soup here also not cheap, few slices of fish, veg. and soup a lot, i eat once at Amoy Street, Piao Ji (different from the one you mention)...

    Mui Mui

    Me too, hehe...


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