Monday, June 30, 2014


(1) I bought this pomfret at 3 for S$10, that time, when i bought it, the fishmonger was telling me that actually it's 2 at S$10, but offer, so 3 for S$10.

(2) First time, i fried it

(3) Bought this sea stix crab sticks from the supermarket at S$1.85, although it's a bit more expensive than another brand crab sticks, but i find that this is nicer and also since i hardly cook and this brand has lesser crab stick than the other brand, so, just nice for me, i do not have to worry about the unused crab sticks still lying in the fridge if i buy the other brand crab sticks.

Got this packet of Sauce for Fried Cod Fillet at S$1.70

Steam the fish and heat the sauce and pour the sauce over the fish, and that's my steamed pomfret.  I like the sauce, suits me.

(4) The 3rd fish, the sauce, i used soy sauce mixed with sesame oil, cooking wine and some water.  The fish i steamed it.  Top with fried shallot.


  1. White Pomfret - I used it eat it deep fried when young - very nice since everypart can be eaten - fins and head and tail - everything crispy.

    I think you like all 3 pomfrets cooked 3 different ways, right? Got variety. But if only 1 pomfret, which will you choose - fried, packet sauce or soy sauce?

  2. Wah... a lot of style of cooking pomfret that you did! :-)

  3. 3 for $10??? So cheap!!!! Here not big ones around RM15 a kg but if big...can go up to over RM30.00 a kilo. I'd rather not eat.

  4. White pomfret. Smaller ones I fry. Bigger one I steam. Really worth the price. So cheap. Never knew fishmongers also can do promotion! Hahaha.

  5. Oohh, fish post.. I like.. I seldom eat fish, I only buy for the kids.. Normally will have fish at mil's during the weekend, coz I don't like to fry fish, hehe..

  6. wow!! today Sharon is sharing her fish recipe with us!!

  7. pomfret is the only fish I can recognize because of the shape.. other types of fish are all FISH to me, hehe!!

  8. wah, fish with crab stick!! Sharon you really "hoh liao" leh.. :p

  9. Good morning Sharon,
    That's cheap 3 for $10.00 and you have done it up 3 ways too... yum

  10. I like white pomfret... steamed or fried till crispy also nice for me.. some restaurant do half half.. steamed and fried.. and still crispy.. wonder how they do it... Pomfrets are not cheap especially the white ones..

  11. I still dare not handle fish myself so not yet cook fish hahahah

  12. 我超愛白鯧魚。

  13. Mun

    Deep fried is nice ya...


    Trying out on different style, hehe...


    Ya lor, promotion, if not 2 for $10...

    The other day, i saw a lady ordered at a mixed rice stall, small pieces, some broccoli and rice, $5...


    Worth ya, the price, hehe...

    haha... I also didn't know that, hehe...

    Princess Ribbon

    I also don't quite like to fry, as after that, the whole place smoky smoky...


    Trying out different style, hehe...


    So far, i only know pomfret, cod fish, salmon, the other type of fishes, like what you mention, all FISH to me too, hehe...

    So happen to see it in the supermarket, tempted to buy, so buy one packet, but use half packet of it, hehe...


    Good afternoon...

    3 for $10, cheap ya... hehe...


    I have not tried half half, either it's steamed or it's fried...

    Ya, this fish is not cheap...


    Hope to see you cook fish one of these day...


    Agree, steamed or fry, both are nice ya...

    Putting the crabmeat, that is i anyhow put, kaka...

    No, don't have the crabmeat 味道...

  14. Wah good, got offer for you ^^
    I love pomfret, it's yummy and healthy, and not expensive too!

  15. 放蟹柳的吃法很特别呢!

  16. Vincent


  17. I like the way you cook it in (4), which my mom always cook like that!! =]

  18. Hi Sharon,
    My kids is a big fan of fish. Any kinda of fish they will sapu! Hehe!
    3 for 10 very good price:)

  19. So many versions of pomfret. I love steam pomfret the most.

  20. Mui Mui

    I also loves fish, hehe...

    Didn't expect to have good price...

    Yee Ling

    I loves to try out different versions :)


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