Monday, June 2, 2014

Multi-function Electric Lunch Box

This is not a paid post.

I came across this Multi-functions Electric Lunch Box sometimes ago, but that time, saw quite a number of people surrounding the promoter and also some ladies buying it, but  i walk off due to crowds.  This round, i came across it again, so due to my spoilt eye, i brought one back at S$50.  I bought it as i find that quite handy and easy to carry around, it can be used to cook rice, steam soup, steam foods, etc. 

This is what it look like

What is provided with the lunch box

Also comes with it is a User Manual


  1. This lunch box looks so useful. Have you used it to cook any food yet?

  2. saw this type of electric lunch box on the Groupon or similar websites.. kind of interesting especially if you are used to bring your own lunch to work..

  3. so you got it for S$50 and i think it surely will be useful.. looking forward to Sharon's electric lunch box meal one day.. :)

  4. Awesome! Can't wait to see what you can cook from this. ;)

  5. 等你用了博文喔!看起来蛮实用。

  6. Good afternoon Sharon..
    Is it practical to use for lunch?
    Happy Zhong festival..

  7. Nice. $50, would be over RM100 here, for sure. Haven;t seen it around. Would love to get one for my girl...

  8. How is it? :)

    My friend has also been showing her electric lunch box and I'm quite keen to get one also ;)

  9. 50$ means 125 over here, right? Yes, I saw promoters doing this sales too in the malls but I didn't go near to ask the price... do try it out and show us how convenient... OK!

  10. Mun

    Only cook 1 item, rice, hehe...


    I hardly go Groupon or websites look look see see, usually is pass by, see it...

    But i not the hardworking type, to bring to work, hehe...

    So far, i only use one time, cook rice with it, kaka...


    So far only cook one item with it, rice, hehe...


    That why i buy it, hehe....


    Good afternoon...

    So far, only use one time...

    Happy Dumpling Festival to you and your family...


    Heard the $50 is promotion price, if not will be $89.90...


    So far, use one time only, cook rice, have yet to try out on other items....


    Heard it's promotion price, if not, $89.90...

    I have draft the rice, have yet to post it, hehe...

  11. Multi Function Electric cookers are taking KL by storm and they come in many cute colours too.

  12. Twilight Man

    Here only one and only colour i saw...

  13. Ahh..I gotten something similar too but haven't arrive yet.


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