Friday, June 20, 2014

Bollywood Veggies

The last visit to Bollywood Veggies was  long time ago, decided to visit it last Sat. 

There's a transport from Kranji MRT Station that takes visitors there.  For the schedule of the transport, click here.  It cost S$3 (Adult), S$1 (Senior Citizen, Child)  for the fare and a person can make multiple trips as per the places in the schedule of the transport.

It was raining when i reach Kranji MRT Station waiting for the transport, that time, was thinking of taking the 9.30am transport.  Was thinking, oh gosh, do i have to make a wasted trip.  Went to the Kopitiam Food Court makan and hoping for the rain to stop, thank God, the rain stop and manage to take the 11am transport.

Entrance to the place is S$2, as i took the Kranji Countryside ( transport, the fee is waived.

Banana tree

At first look, i was thinking, what is this, till saw that it is Breadfruit







This makes me think of my childhood, i used to like to sit this when i was a kid.

A view of Bollywood Veggies

Lookout Point

Lengkuas plant



They stated bitter gourd there , but don't look like bitter gourd to me

Plants for Sales - Too bad i did not have green finger, so didn't buy any

Plants for Sales

Organic Veg. for sales - I hardly cook, so did not buy any

Organic Veg. for sales

Turmeric plant


  1. I almost wanted to plan to visit this place when I am helping to organize my company's retreat but it didn't materialized. Seems a nice place. ..hard to find in SG nowadays.

  2. From the name I thought is Indian restaurant. Kekeke.

  3. Why Bollywood? Indian veggies kah? Oooo...dill! Great for steaming fish, so fragrant!

  4. When I see Bollywood Veggies, I thought it's vegetables cooked in Bollywood style, curry or stew or something like that, haha..

  5. Here's a nice place to spend during weekend, is like away from busy life in town and get close to the nature!!! =]

  6. waahhh... Sharon, a long post today.. and I saw click here... you really do homework leh.. very nice outing... adventurous! Nice to soothe the eyes with greens!

  7. haha, at first when i saw the title Bollywood, i thought what could that be?? would it be Sharon was chasing somebody around coconut trees and hiding behind the bushes, singing the Bollywood hit songs?? muahahaha~~

  8. wow, really a lot of things to see there hor?? everything GREEN!! wow, that is so close to nature right?? so did you buy anything from there to bring home to cook?? those veggie look fresh leh~~

  9. Good morning Sharon..
    I have the same ideas too when I saw the title hahaha. This looks like a wonderful place... is it an organic farm? Could love to visit it one day.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  10. Chris

    Bring your kids there one of the day... :)


    Sounds like it ya, hehe...


    Thanks for the info that fill great for steaming fish... :)

    Princess Ribbon

    Nothing to do with Indian foods, hehe....


    I agree, hehe...


    Must do a bit of homework, hehe...

    If not, shopping and shopping, my pocket will burn a hole, hehe....


    The names will makes a person think of like what you have mention ya, hehe....

    Quite big the place, nope i didn't buy anything back as hardly i cook, hehe...


    Good morning...

    Don't think it's an organic farm... Do pay a visit when you come SG ya...

    Enjoy your weekend ya...

  11. Nice place, get to know more of the plants and fruits too but.... why bollywood?

  12. Wow! So many fruits trees! That jackfruit look huge!!

  13. Sharon,
    that's another bitter gourd. They do come in few sizes and form. :)

  14. Good Afternoon Sharon.

    The weather is cloudy and cooler today but the haze arrived yesterday! You must have yawned loudly and blew the haze here!!!


  15. I like this post. Many photos with short or no captions! I must learn this style. Boleh?

  16. I saw the white mushrooms and laff like cock. Reminds me about the mushrooms that grew inside my old house! Did you see that blog post before?

    Happy Friday!

  17. So much plants! I guess this is a good place to visit after a long day of work... ;)

  18. What a fun and enjoyable trip!! I enjoy going there too.

  19. 大自然的气息啊!我喜欢哟~

  20. if I go to this farm, sure I can buy a lot of herbs and veggies, hehehe..

  21. Ken

    Yes, it's a nice place... :)


    Ya lor, very huge...


    Oh ic... Cos hardly see in this form....

    Twilight Man

    Good evening....

    The weather is super super hot today...

    Maybe next post, TM will come up with a new style of writing, kakaka...

    Me short memory, one moment, i think i seen it, another moment, think i didn't see it...

    Have a great Sun ahead... :)


    Yes, it is...

    East Coast Life

    Nice place ya, hehe....


    Me also like it...


    I opposite, as i do not know how to use the herbs and also hardly cook, hehe...

  22. nice place, can learn a lot about veggies, fruits and spices here^^

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