Friday, June 27, 2014

Jurong Frog Farm

Another place that the Kranji Countryside transport pass by is Jurong Frog Farm.  Don't be mistaken that from the name, the place is in Jurong, but it's located in Lim Chu Kang Lane 6.

Very old sign as now for telephone no., it will start with 6 followed by 7 dights and also that pager is no longer in use.

Colourful wall

The place

Loves the cute pictures on the wall

Some frogs inside the pond

There's more frog inside, but as it's dark inside and also i do not want to use flash light, i didn't take picture of the frogs inside.

Saw a dog sleeping

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  1. Where? Where? No see no frog leh?

  2. When I see frog farm, I thought of claypot frog liao (nga pou tin gai).. Yummzz.. Err, same like STP, I don't see any frogs LOL..

  3. Jurong Frog Farm but located in Lim Chu Kang Lane 6.. just like Singapore Fried Beehon is not originated from Singapore?? haha..

  4. errr.. Jurong Frog Farm?? how come only one duck and one dog?? the frog means those painted on the wall only?? haha.. anyway, love those paintings on the walls, nice~~

  5. Too bad we can't see the froggies. But nice and colourful paintings on the walls.

  6. Errr ... These are the not so well known places in sg I guess or only known to locals.

  7. Yaloh. I couldnt see any froggies! Why having this farm? What purposes? For rearing and sell as food??

  8. Suituapui

    Opps, i forgot to zoom in the frogs in the 7th picture, blur me...

    Princess Ribbon

    Hearing your mention about claypot frog makes me hungry... hehe...

    Forgot to zoom in the frogs in the 7th picture... kaka....


    Guess first time people think about Jurong Frog Farm is that it is in Jurong, but no, hehe...

    I also like the paints on the walls, hehe...

    Forgot to zoom in the frogs in the 7th picture, hehe...

    Phoon Hong

    The 7th picture, i forgot to zoom in the frog, hehe...


    The place quite ulu, if not transport, not convenient...


    Sotong me, forgot to zoom in the frog in the 7th pictures...

    Selling as foods...

  9. Did you buy any frogs home to cook? Do they sell live ones or will they skin the frogs and pack them nicely in ice packs for buyers to bring home? Thanks for sharing. Did not expect that there are farms rearing frogs for sale in Singapore.

  10. Good morning Sharon,
    So you have been visiting a lot of farms lately... good to be out with nature... don't eat them lah....
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Mun

    Aiyo, u know, i hardly cook leh, eat out most of the time, lol

    Not sure if they sell live ones, but saw pack nicely...


    Good morning...

    I loves nature, hehe... Have been quite long since i eat them, hehe...

    U too have a wonderful weekend... :)

  12. so the frogs are always kept in dark, cool place la? That's why cannot bring lights

  13. Lina

    I scare the people there scold me if i use flash, hehe...

  14. They actually painted the reminders on the wall, instead of using boards, nice!

  15. I though only got frog from the title, hehe!

  16. Ok got it. So you go there look c look c walk walk only.

  17. Hayley

    I like the walls painting, find it quite nice...


    Ya, frog, hehe...


    Since the transport got goes there, why not...

  18. 青蛙太小太远了…我只看到墙上画的,呵呵…

  19. Ya, good to go around Singapore using public transport to know all the places since the public transport network is so good.

  20. Vincent

    Forgot to zoom, kaka...


    Thanks for dropping by again, appreciated it...

    1. My pleasure. May you have a nice Sunday! :)

  21. I like the last two picture, the frog is so cute duh!!! =]

  22. Mun

    Have a good week ahead...


    I like the wall pictures, cute, hehe...


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