Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dong Po Colonial Cafe

Backdated post.

Went to this place last year and realise that i have not post it.  Was in Beach Road area last year during the Hari Raya Bazaar and came across this Dong Po Colonial Cafe.

Saw the above in one of the shop along Beach Road.

Read about this place in blogs

Inside the shop

Inside the shop

They sell pastry

Can't recall how much this set cost

Dong Po Colonial Cafe
56 Kandahar Street, 
Singapore 198904
Tel No : 6298 1318


  1. Good Afternoon Sharon!
    It is so hot today and I am only wearing my underwear to read your blogs.

  2. Oh the 2 old monkeys must be Fing Fing's grandparents!! So they live in Singapore and the grandpa's name is Ah Meng, right? Say Hello to them....Ooga ooga!

  3. How come the name is "Colorial" above and "Colonial" below? TM's eyes are always sharp like a vulture!

    I like that kinda shop with old stuffs inside and I love pastry! *hint *hint

  4. oh, there are two monkeys in front, i think they will become good friends of Fing-Fing!! hahahaha~~

  5. when i see 東坡, i immediately associate that with 東坡肉!! haha, but then what you had was totally different from what i expected!! it's cake, not the fat braised pork!! :p

  6. I like the inside shop decorations, love those old old stuffs, hehe!!! =]

  7. Twilight Man

    Good afternoon... It's so hot over here also, when you mention wearing underwear, i thought you are in swimming pool, kaka...

    Too bad Ah Meng is in Heaven liao :(

    Blue Wed for me, lol...

    Come Singapore, wink wink...


    Maybe one of the day, bring Fing-Fing come SG and said hello to them, hehe...

    kekeke... Too bad they did not sell braised pork, hehe...


    The owners will be happy to hear it, hehe...


    Very backdated ya, kaka...

  8. Oh. Why the 2 monkeys??

    Nice decor in the cafe. Lots antique and old priceless stuff to browse through.

  9. Beach Road? I use to stay at the HDB flats at one end of the road - opposite Golden Mile Shopping Complex...1973!

  10. Rose

    Guess maybe for decorations only...


    That's very long time ago...

    1973, i was not born yet, hehe...

  11. From the name I also thought that they sell pork. Haha.

  12. Vincent

    Something like those sold in coffeeshop, market...


    The name gave a wrong impression ya, lol...

  13. Ooo...those two guys on the swing must be Fing Fing's cousins hah..hah...

  14. when i go SG must bring me jalan jalan ya

  15. Phong Hong

    I guess so, hehe...

    Small Kucing

    When you coming huh?


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