Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hong Xing Handmade Fishball~Meatball Noddle

I have been seeing Q's at this Hong Xing Handmade Fishball/Meatball Noodle whenever i am in Hong Lim Food Centre.

I decided to Q for it, i was lucky, to be the last few and people have to be turn around as they have sold out for the Fishball/Meatball.

S$3 for a bowl of Fishball Mi Tai Bak


  1. I can tell the fish balls are very q!! ;D

  2. Must be very tasty if there is a long queue and the fish/meatballs are sold out.

  3. When I see the word fishball, I like it already.. "yue dan fan".. I always associate fishball noodles with yong taufu, haha.. Coz if that place got yong taufu, then it has "yue dan fan" also, keke..

  4. So the factory-made frozen ones but at least, the uneven shape is evidence that they're handmade. I love good own-made fish balls.

  5. Sold out that fast?? How's the taste?

  6. So popular! The fishballs must be very good. They should make more.

  7. Been very long I never go there.

  8. When I am in Sg Food courts, I also go for those queuing up... it means the food is good!!

  9. wah, you were lucky Sharon!! it's quite frustrating if you queued up and then end up they sold out and told you to come another day :p

  10. oh, you just had the fishball?? no meatball for you?? looks good, how did it taste?? :)

  11. Aisay...come to malaysia la...bring u eat fishball in Tg Sepat. after eating that you wont want others la

  12. Good Afternoon Sharon.

    The haze is back! How nice to breathe ashes again. Hope you will smoke lesser la.

  13. Today I learnt a new word "Q" from you. Normally when I see many Q means the food is good la. I seldom eat fish balls cos most of them are smelly and made from rotten fishes here!

  14. The best fish balls are fresh ones from Pulau Ketam!!

    Have a nice day!

  15. The meat balls and fish balls must be super yummy!!

  16. Lina

    Yes, it is... :)


    Yes, it is... :)


    Too bad the meatballs are sold out when it's my turn...

    Princess Ribbon

    I have not come across fishball noodles with yong taufu, hehe...


    I also loves good own-made fish balls...


    Ya lor, i went on a sat afternoon, already sold out that fast... Suits my taste, heh...

    Phong Hong

    I not too sure what time they start selling, but per day, they got limited to how many fishballs/meatballs they made...


    There's quite a number of stalls there, foods are nice...


    If Q-ing up, i got to depend on mood to Q, hehe...


    Ya lor, especially if you're craving for that foods, and it's sold out...

    Sold out liao... :( Suits my taste, hehe...

    Small Kucing

    Then i go KL, die die must go eat it liao, keke...

    Twilight Man

    Good evening...

    Here still ok, no haze...

    Oh dear, scary manz...

    Then i must ask Mama Kucing to bring me to Pulau Ketam to try it...

    You have a nice day too...


    Too bad the meatballs are sold out when i am there...

  17. I like SG's fish balls, all very bouncy and springy

  18. Guess when u come SG, u will sure eat fish balls...


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