Monday, July 3, 2017

Hotplate Spicy Yong Tau Foo with Rice

I need to get some grocery from the Supermarket, i was thinking of Jurong Point.  But....., it was raining, i was lazy to open umbrella and beside if i go to the Supermarket at JEM, the bus stop, there's shelter leading to the bus stop and i do not need to open my umbrella.

I need to eat first before i go to the supermarket.  Yong Tau Foo at the Kopitiam Food Court came into my mind.   Had the Hotplate Spicy Yong Tau Foo.

with Rice @ $5.30

Comes with a bowl of soup

After buying grocery, thought of having Coffee at Toast Box @ Westgate, maybe i no fate with Toast Box, as usually when i pass by Toast Box, it was crowded.  No seats available.  So instead, i had Chocolate Sundae at Texas Chicken @ $1.80.


  1. I realised you could never go hungry in Singapore as there are so many types of eateries and cafes everywhere. So convenient.

  2. The hotplate set looks good. I won't need the rice, just the tau foo and soup will be good for me.

    1. I also can go without the rice, but the set comes with the rice...

  3. 好開胃呢!好想吃啊b( ̄▽ ̄)d 

  4. Long time did not have spicy yong tau fu. Must be appetizing.

    Sundae. Nice on a warm day.

  5. McDonald's Sundae cheaper... lol

  6. Seeing your ice cream reminded me that I have one in the fridge.. a kit kat drumstick!

  7. are really temping me with ice-cream! I have yet to finish reading all your blog posts.


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