Monday, July 31, 2017

Out of Sudden

My mum, who nowadays, hardly wants to take bus out to elsewhere, except on Sunday,  when she goes to church, out of sudden, tell me that she wanted to eat the porridge from KFC.  The nearest KFC from my place is JEM. 

When in KFC, i ask her if she wanted to eat other things beside the porridge set from KFC, if she wanted to eat other things, i will order one set and then we go eat elsewhere, if not, i will order 2 sets.  She wanted to eat other things, so only order one set.  She eat 3/4 of the porridge, left only 1/4 of the porridge for me.

The porridge set comes with a cup of coffee

Saw that they sell Cheese Tart at $1.90, i order one of it only as my mum is not keen of tarts.

The inside of the Cheese Tart

After eating KFC, my mum not so keen to walk around and decide what to eat, went to the nearby eatery to eat the Minced Meat Kway Teow @ $4.30.

Soup to goes with the Minced Meat Kway Teow

My not so healthy stuff, one piece of Beancurd Roll with Fish Paste @ $1.30 and a piece of Ngoh Hiang @$1.70.

Before going back, my mum thought of going McDonald's to have their Ice Cream, but then McDonald's was crowded, so we went to the Kopitiam at Jurong East MRT Station.  At first, my mum wanted dessert, then she change her mind, she wanted Bread with Kopi Set, ordered a French Toast Set @ $2.80 for her. Since she had the Kopitiam Card, so there's 10% discount.

I had Steamed Glutinous Rice @ $2


  1. Eat so many things that day. Nice!

  2. Must have been a nice day out, lots of nice looking food. Warm greetings!

  3. Really a foodie day for you and your mom.. yes, eat a bit here and there instead just from one shop...

  4. I like lor mai kai. Don't think we have very good ones here.

  5. Great appetite your mum had. Good that she can eat this and that.

  6. Wow! Your mum's appetite is good. That is good signs. LOL The cheese tart must be fresh with lava flowing.

    1. Good sign is like what you have mention appetite is good...

      There's a bad sign too, haiz... Will blog about it one of the day...

  7. The minced meat kway teow looks delicious! The cheese tart looks great too. I haven't eaten one in awhile although I went crazy for it once :P


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